Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 13, 2006
Coast High Performance's Street Fighter, shown as a 347 with EFI, features Edelbrock aluminum heads and a Probe roller cam.

Coast High Performance
Coast High Performance was one of the pioneers of small-block Ford strokers. Its line of Street Fighter crate engines was developed in response to early complaints about piston slap with 347s. By modifying the pin hole in the piston to reduce the rod angle, Coast High eliminated the problem.

Coast High offers three displacements based on remanufactured 5.0 blocks; 306, 331 (not listed in the chart), and 347. Likewise, three displacements are offered for the 5.8 block; 393, 408 (not listed in chart), and 427. Three different levels of each displacement are available. The Street Fighter is the original Coast High crate engine, which comes with Edelbrock aluminum heads, roller cam, cast crank, forged I-beam rods, and 3/8-inch rod bolts.

For budget-minded enthusiasts, the Street Fighter GT saves a few bucks with the use of ProComp aluminum heads and a flat tappet cam.

The Street Fighter Pro Street engine utilizes the same Edelbrock heads and roller cam as the Street Fighter, but adds bottom-end strength with a 4340 heat-treated crank and H-beam rods with cap screws. All of the Coast High Performance Street Fighter engines are available as short-blocks as well. Chris Huff at Coast High says horsepower ratings aren't listed for the Street Fighter engines due to the variety of induction and exhaust systems that can be installed by the end user.

For the car owner who is starting with a totally empty engine compartment, Coast High offers the Cobra Classic in 347, 393, and 427 displacements. Based on the Street Fighter long-blocks, the Cobra Classic powerplants include an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake and carburetor, oil pan, alternator, wiring, and everything else needed to make the engine ready to run. Originally developed for the Cobra kit car market, Huff says these engines are frequently used in vintage Mustangs.








306 Street Fighter GT5.0ProCompFlat-tappetNoneN/A$3,999
306 Street Fighter5.0Edelbrock{{{Probe}}} rollerNoneN/A$4,799
306 Street Fighter Pro Street5.0EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$5,199
347 Street Fighter GT5.0ProCompFlat-tappetNoneN/A$3,999
347 Street Fighter5.0EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$4,799
347 Street Fighter Pro Street5.0EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$5,599
347 Cobra Classic5.0EdelbrockProbe rollerVictor Jr.410$8,499
393W Street Fighter GT5.8ProCompFlat-tappetNoneN/A$4,099
393W Street Fighter5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$5,099
393W Street Fighter Pro5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerNoneN/A$6,299
393W Cobra Classic5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerVictor Jr.450$8,999
427 Street Fighter5.8EdelbrockFlat-tappetNone500+$5,599
427 Street Fighter Pro Street5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerNone500+$6,799
427 Cobra Classic5.8EdelbrockProbe rollerNone485$9,499