Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 1, 2004
Photos By: Mustang Monthly Archives

Paxton Supercharger

This is the big-daddy of Mustang bolt-ons. Originally an option (albeit rare) on the '66-'67 Shelby GT350, the Paxton supercharger is back as a recently reintroduced kit with the modern Paxton Novi 1200 supercharger. Designed to fit '65-'66 V-8 Mustangs, the Novi 1200 generates 6 to 7 pounds of boost and works with stock four-barrel engines or, better yet, modified engines. With the carburetor housing, supercharger brackets, and all the other components needed to install the system, the Paxton supercharger setup is fairly complicated as a bolt-on. And it's not exactly cheap. But once you feel the boost, it's all worth it. Contact: Paxton Automotive, Dept. MM, 1300 Beacon Place, Oxnard, CA 93033; 888/972-9866;

Rear Spoiler

At midyear 1969 with the introduction of the Boss 302, Ford began offering a rear spoiler for SportsRoof models, either as a factory option or as an accessory through the dealer parts network. While few '69-'73 Mustangs came with a factory-installed rear spoiler, it's a true bolt-on, so many have been retrofitted over the years. Reproductions are available from most Mustang mail-order vendors, including brand-new repros, for '69-'70 and '71-'73, from National Parts Depot. Contact: National Parts Depot, Dept. MM, 900 SW 38th Ave., Ocala, FL 34474; 352/874-7595-9000;; California store, 800/235-3445; Michigan store, 800/521-6104; North Carolina store, 800/368-6451.

Three-Point Shoulder Harness

In the mid-'60s, a single lap belt was state-of-the-art safety. Later, Ford added a shoulder belt, but it was difficult to use so most never bothered. Today, you can upgrade to a true three-point seatbelt system from Custom Accessories. Although they've been on the market for a while, the newest design reduces, and in some cases eliminates, the need to drill holes. You can opt for front seats only or go for a complete set of front and rear. Contact: Custom Accessories, Dept. MM, 1030 W. Williamson Way, Fullerton, CA 92833; 800/560-2358;

Overhead Console

Just a few months ago, this wasn't even an option for '67-'68 Mustang coupes and fastbacks because original overhead consoles were so hard to find. But now that Scott Drake Mustang Parts has reproduced the entire assembly, it's a great addition to '67-'68s. The overhead console adds style to the interior, plus it provides a couple of map lights. We highlighted the installation in our July '04 issue. Contact: Scott Drake Mustang Parts, Dept. MM, 3101 Camino Del Sol, Oxnard, CA 93030; 805/988-9992;

Rear-Panel Grille

A good-looking option with the Exterior Décor Group on '67 Mustangs was the aluminum rear-panel grille. Originals are difficult to find in good shape, but now you can get reproduction grilles from California Mustang. Sold in pairs, one panel for each side, the grilles are available to fit '67-'68 hardtops, convertibles, and fastbacks. Drilling may be required. Contact: California Mustang, Dept. MM, 19400 San Jose Ave., City of Industry, CA 91748; 800/775-0101;

Sanden A/C Compressor

If your vintage Mustang is air conditioned and it's still running the ancient York compressor with the older and more expensive R12 refrigerant, you can make a big step up by switching to a modern Sanden compressor, along with 134a refrigerant, from Classic Auto Air. Not only is the 134a refrigerant more wallet-friendly, the Sanden compressor will make a big difference in your Mustang. In addition to its light weight and neater appearance, the Sanden compressor requires less horsepower to operate (it's like gaining 10 hp, says CAA's Al Sedita) and the seven-cylinder design is much smoother and quieter than the two-cylinder York. For the compressor swap, you'll need the Sanden Compressor Conversion Kit, which consists of the Sanden compressor, adaptor bracket, new filter-dryer, and new hoses. Contact: Classic Auto Air, Dept. MM, 2020 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606; 813/251-2356;

Kick-Panel Speakers

No one will argue that the vintage Mustang speaker system-a single 6x9 in the instrument panel-wasn't even state-of-the-art for '65-'66, much less today. One way to boost the sound in your vintage Mustang is to install Custom Autosound's kick-panel speakers. Perfect replacements for '65-'66 standard kick panels, the CA panels incorporate 80-watt coaxial (two-way) speakers to greatly enhance sound quality, especially when used in conjunction with Custom Autosound's AM/FM/CD head units. Contact: Custom Autosound, Dept. MM, 1030 W. Williamson Ave., Fullerton, CA 92833; 800/888-8637;