Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 1, 2004
Photos By: Mustang Monthly Archives

R-Model Front Valance

You can make a complete transformation in your '65-'66 Mustang's appearance with a Shelby R-Model front valance from Cobra Automotive. Designed for an exact fit with no need for additional bodywork, the Cobra Automotive R-Model apron includes the correct rear flanges for functional brake-cooling hoses. Cobra Automotive now has R-Model-style front aprons for '67-'68 Mustangs. Contact: Cobra Automotive, Dept. MM, 37 Warehouse Point Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492; 203/284-3863;

Back-Seat Driver

For '65-'68 Mustang coupe owners who want to add more punch to their music, Custom Autosound offers a Back Seat Driver with a pair of 8-inch subwoofers and a 120-watt amplifier. Made from high-density pressboard and covered with black cloth for a finished appearance, the Back Seat Driver replaces the flimsy cardboard behind the rear seatback. "Mustang Sally" never sounded so good. Contact: Custom Autosound, Dept. MM, 1030 W. Williamson Ave., Fullerton, CA 92833; 800/888-8637;

Free-Flowing Mufflers

The choices are endless: Flowmaster, MagnaFlow, Borla, Flowtech, Hooker, Dynomax, and others. While increased horsepower is certainly a goal when switching to performance mufflers, we're also interested in the exhaust tone. Sometimes, when you hear a Mustang with the sound you like, you just have to stop the owner and ask what he's running. Of course, exhaust tone is subjective; some like it loud and some like it mellow. Do your research before bolting or welding them in.

Chin Spoiler

The front chin spoiler practically became mandatory equipment on performance Mustangs after it debuted on the '69 Boss 302. It was offered as an option through 1973, and you can still get it from Mustang mail-order vendors. Just drill the holes in your existing valance and screw the spoiler on for that musclecar look.

Bigger Sway Bar

A larger front sway bar from Mustangs Plus is a quick and easy way to improve handing. The Grab-a-Trak 1-inch sway bar is a direct replacement for the factory front sway bar. It comes with new links and brackets for a hassle-free installation. While you're at it, add a Mustangs Plus Grab-a-Trak rear sway bar. Contact: Mustangs Plus, Dept. MM, 2353 N. Wilson Way, Stockton, CA 95205; 800/999-4289;

Free-Flow Air Filter

This one is so simple that it almost defies inclusion in a bolt-on article. Most Mustangs came with a closed air cleaner, which draws air from the constrictive snorkel. You can replace it and still maintain a factory look with a Hi-Po open-element filter assembly, available from all Mustang parts vendors. Better yet, when you receive the air cleaner, install a K&N Filtercharger, a washable and reusable filter that flows more air than conventional paper filters. Contact: K&N Engineering, Dept. MM, P.O. Box 1329, Riverside, CA 92502; 800/760-5319;

Rotunda Headrests

Retro accessories are always cool, especially when they look good and serve a safety purpose at the same time. During the mid-'60s, Ford offered the Rotunda headrests, designed for head and neck safety in a collision, for '65-'66 Mustangs. Now SafeCode has reproduced the Rotunda headrests, right down to the brackets that bolt to the rear of the seat. Contact: SafeCode, Dept. MM, 912 Cashew Lane, Cedar Park, TX 78613; 512/260-6786;

Cowl Hood

Want great looks, lighter weight, and a cooler engine compartment with one easy bolt-on? Try a fiberglass hood with a cowl scoop from Maier Racing. Granted, you'll need to have the hood painted to match your '65-'70 Mustang, but the benefits are worth the effort. Hood springs aren't used, so you'll need a prop rod. Maier also offers a number of other early Mustang hood styles, including Shelby. Contact: Maier Racing, Dept. MM, 22215 Meekland Ave., Hayward, CA 94541; 510/581-7600;

Aluminum Water Pump

When your old water pump finally gives up, replace it with an aluminum water pump from Edelbrock that offers better flow, optimum pressure, and equal distribution to both sides of the block. Edelbrock aluminum water pumps are available for small-block and 429 Mustang engines. Contact: Edelbrock, Dept. MM, 2700 California St., Torrance, CA 90503; 310/781-2222;


A great way to dress up the exterior of a '69-'70 Mustang is to add a Mach 1 scoop to the hood. Just drill six holes and you're ready to bolt it on. You can even make it functional with a larger opening and a factory-style ram-air air cleaner. The scoops are available at a reasonable price from all Mustang mail-order parts vendors.