April 1, 2003

Blow It BabyRim-Blow steering-wheel replacement horn switches are now available from National Parts Depot. Several N.O.S. switches were sacrificed to ensure that these switches are the best they can be. Each switch is tested at the factory on a simulated steering-wheel fixture to assure proper function and quality. Both styles are available: 13A875-1 fits '69; 13A875-2 fits '70-'73 Mustangs, Torinos, and other Fords that originally came with the three-spoke Rim-Blow steering wheels. $144.95 each. For more information, contact your nearest National Parts Depot warehouse: Florida, 800/874-7595; Michigan, 800-521-6104; California, 800/235-3445; North Carolina, 800/368-6451; www.npdlink.com.

A Flexible HeadSnap-on Tools introduces the new 31/48-inch Flex Head Speeder Ratchet, offering technicians speed, flexibility, and reach to remove fasteners in a variety of situations. The new ratchet easily adjusts to be used as a speeder to turn fasteners even quicker.

The Flex Head Speeder Ratchet (FSLF936) features a flexible head that can be positioned in a range of angles to adjust hard-to-reach fasteners. The new ratchet has a narrow head profile to help technicians maneuver and reach tight spaces.

Technicians can adjust the head and handle of the ratchet to a 90-degree angle and use the tool as a speeder to complete jobs quickly. The speeder provides the fastest way for technicians to manually turn and remove fasteners.

The Flex Head Speeder Ratchet is 13.75 inches long and has a speeder radius of 2.62 inches. It is made of precision one-piece forged steel and contains a high-strength internal mechanism with a 36-tooth gear. The patented (4934220 and 6125722) sealed ratchet head keeps dirt out and lubrication in for long, trouble-free life.

For more information, contact your local Snap-on representative, 877-762-7662; www.snapon.com.

Just Stop It!New from Dave's Mustang Parts is the '79-'93 five-lug disc-brake conversion package for all four wheels. It includes '94-'01 calipers, spindles, rotors, axles, and even custom-made brake lines to fit your car. The package provides more wheel choices and great stopping power and is easy to install. It converts your car to five-lug and rear disc brakes at the same time and all for just $795. Add a new Cobra 13-inch cross-drilled dual-piston upgrade for $550 more. Don't need the whole kit? Dave's offers just the front part of the kit for $295 and the rear for $550-still a great deal. For more information, contact Dave's Mustang Parts, 5124 Second St., Albuquerque, NM 87107; 888/345-8393; www.daves-mustang-parts.com.

Shelby Die-CastBack by popular demand, Performance Parts, Inc. has rereleased the chrome-plated, die-cast "Shelby"-lettered emblem for the decklid or fender of your Mustang. These emblems dress up your late-model or vintage ride with the legendary Shelby name. Priced at just $14.99 each, while supplies last. For more information, contact Performance Parts, Inc., 13120 Lazy Glen Ct., Oak Hill, VA, 20171-2326; 703/742-6207; www.mustangparts.com

Controlling TractionThe R&R Specialties' Mustang Traction-Control Disable Module comes complete with nonvolatile memory. The Traction-Switch Control Module remembers how you last set your Mustang's traction control. No more turning your factory default to off when you start your '99-'03 Mustang, Bullitt, Mach 1, GT, or Cobra. This comes at an introductory price of $49.95.

The Switch Control Module automatically enables or disables traction control upon startup depending on how it was last set. The memory feature contained in the module defaults traction control to the most recently used setting at startup and still gives the user the ability to switch traction control off or on at any time.

The Factory Traction Control Switch is still used to turn your Factory Traction Control on or off. The difference is once you turn it off, it stays off until you turn it back on.

The control device is an easy four-wire hookup. It even remembers your last setting if you disconnect your battery. For more information, contact R&R Specialties, P.O. Box 61429, Virginia Beach, VA 23466-1429; 757/576-3520; www.randrspecialty.com.

An Encapsulating ExperienceThe Eastwood Company has added Black to their popular original Red Rust Encapsulator. Black Rust Encapsulator is an ideal under chassis and underhood paint for faster coverage. Eastwood Rust Encapsulator is excellent for areas where rust cannot be easily removed. It doesn't need to be topcoated since it resists deterioration when exposed to ultraviolet light. Rust is first chemically converted to a more stable form, allowing the surface to become completely sealed by a unique interlocking glass-leaf system. The final result is an impermeable layer completely protecting and sealing the metal's surface.

For more information, contact John Sloane, 610/323-2200 or 800/345-1178, ext. 2408; jsloane@eastwoodco.com.