Jeff Ford
January 1, 2001
Contributers: Jeff Ford, Chuck James Photos By: Chuck James

If you are building a Concours-Street-Driven or Concours-Trailered Mustang, you know that everything must be just so. Every "i" must be dotted and every "t" crossed. One place that the "i's" and "t's" have been lacking is the little paper tags that Ford suppliers put on the wiring harnesses. Often times, these are simply missing from the car. David Walden of E.C.S. Automotive Concepts [(636) 307-7767] decided that this was an area that needed to be reproduced. From there, the idea snowballed. He has now moved over into other decals and items specifically for the '69-'70 Mustang and other items in the periphery of the brand. He is also looking for good originals to build more correct decals from. For instance, he has the tire decal for the '68 Mustang and the "Battery OK" sticker for all years. That sticker has all the correct stampings already supplied. The cool part is that David is interested in obtaining other items in the Mustang line.

"We use good, original tags and stickers to graphically reengineer the artwork," said David. "These tags and stickers are produced on the exact paper and with the same type of inks that Ford used. The artwork is seamless to the original-in fact, some tags are cleaner than the original."

The tags shown here are a sample of what David has to offer. Though many of the tags are for the '69-'70 Mustang, he is interested in expanding the line to other years. Right now, SEMO Mustang is the supplier for the decals and tags, so give the folks there a call to request a catalog or to place an order.

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