Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
September 12, 2006
Contributers: Frank Cicerale Photos By: Team MM&FF

United States citizens have rights and freedoms that some others in far-flung countries do not have-such as freedom of speech and free press. We car-crazy members of society have other freedoms as well. We can own and drive just about any type of vehicle we want, from scooters to blown eight-second Mustangs. We can modify them (within reason) and blow on wild paint and trick wheels, too.

Customizing our cars and trucks to fit our personalities is a cornerstone of the American lifestyle, and it's a hobby many of us have embraced wholeheartedly. Customizing or personalizing can include building insane horsepower as well as adding ground effects and other slick body parts. Whether you own a Fox-body, an SN-95 Stang, or you just picked up a retro-styled Pony from your local dealer, the possibilities are endless.

Since the first Fox graced the streets in 1979, we have been able to enhance styling with cowl hoods, whale tails, and swoopy side skirts. Today, there are hundreds of body parts and kits from which to choose. We know it can be difficult to decide what to install, so we've done some of the hard work for you. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


3dCarbon offers different kits and body parts for '05-and-up Mustangs. Each kit is made of polyurethane, and there are three different versions to choose from based on owner preference and vehicle powerplant options.

The 10-piece Boy Racer kit has everything needed to turn a stock '05 Mustang into a look-the-part road race car. This kit comes complete with front fascia, side skirts and door caps, four fender flares, and a rear bumper replacement.

While the Boy Racer is the top-of-the-line kit from 3dCarbon, the GT kit is a subtle yet head-turning four-piece kit available only for GT Mustangs. The pieces of the kit, including front and rear bumpers and side skirts, are also available separately.

Not to exclude the V-6 folks, 3dCarbon also has a body kit for six-cylinder Stangs that comes either as a four-, five- or eight-piece kit. Any one of these variations of the V-6 kit will turn a stock six-cylinder Mustang into a hot-looking ride. Like the GT kit, the pieces in the V-6 kit are available separately.

Not included in the kits are the hoods, rear wings, and other items which are offered separately. In addition to the hood and the two types of rear wings (Mach 3 and ducktail), other items, such as quarter-panel scoops, rear quarter-window louvers, and rear-window "U" trim are available.

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ABC Exclusive

ABC Exclusive offers body kits for '87-'06 Mustangs. Each kit is a four-piece offering, and is either all fiberglass, all urethane, or a combination of the two. All of the pieces are available separately.

One of ABC's more popular kits is the GTR 800 for '94-'98 Mustangs. It is a four-piece kit that includes a front bumper, a rear bumper, and side skirts. All of the pieces are made of urethane and are designed to fit with both factory exit and center exit exhaust systems.

ABC Exclusive
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430 Forest Gate Dr.
Garland, TX 75042

American Products Company

If you have a '99-'05 Mustang, the Demon line of body kits from American Products Company (APC) will bolt right up and give you the dress-up you are looking for. The kits are made from ABS plastic, and include four pieces that come with a front bumper, a rear bumper, and side skirts. Each piece is available individually, so you can either buy the kit all at once or one piece at a time. For added looks, APC also offers fender flares and a rear spoiler for the '99-'04 kit, and a rear spoiler for the '05.

American Products Company
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Black Widow Enterprises

Black Widow Enterprises offers a variety of kits, spoilers, and other body pieces for '94-'04 Stangs. All kits are four-piece ensembles that come with a front bumper, a rear bumper, and side skirts.

The '94-'98 kit is made from fiberglass. All pieces are available separately, and with this kit, the replacement foglight kit is needed.

The '99-'04 kit offers a host of options. Again, the pieces are available separately, and the kit can be ordered either in fiberglass or in urethane. The Cobra-specific kit uses the stock Cobra foglights. For non-Cobra cars, the kit comes either in fiberglass or urethane, and you'll need the replacement foglight kit.

Complementing Black Widow's kits are the rear wing and Ram Air 3 hood. The rear wing is made out of plastic, while the hood is made out of fiberglass.

Black Widow Enterprises /ITC Motoring
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17454 Chatsworth Ave.
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Blow-By Racing

With the new Mustang evoking memories of the vintage Stangs of yesteryear, Blow-By Racing has developed a kit that will turn the brand-new Mustang into a modern-day version of an old GT500.

The complete 12-piece kit includes a hood, a front bumper, side skirts, sidescoops for the quarter-panel, rear-quarter window scoops, a three-piece rear spoiler, and a rear bumper. Some parts are sold separately. The bumpers are made of urethane, while the rest of the kit is made out of fiberglass.

Blow-By also offers a front bumper kit that includes the front bumper, PIAA large and small foglights, and a billet upper and lower grille. Blow-By also offers the Cyberstallion hood for '87-'04 Mustangs, a GT500-style hood for the '05 Stang, along with a one-piece rear spoiler. Coming soon from Blow-By will be an '07 Shelby GT500 body kit for both V-6 and GT models, so keep your eyes peeled.

Blow-By Racing
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Bodykits Etc.

BodyKits Etc. has been on the Mustang scene since 1994 when it was one of a few companies offering body kits for cars that didn't have a Japanese trademark on them. Now, BodyKits Etc. offers many different body kits for Mustangs. It is a dealer of Black Widow and 3dCarbon body kits, and has others to choose from as well.

Bodykits Etc.
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California Mustang

California Mustang and its subsidiary Web site,, offer Mustang enthusiasts numerous body kits, hoods, wings, and a way to see what the parts look like before purchase. California Mustang is a dealer for Street Scene Equipment, 3dCarbon, Steeda, and Saleen, so you can purchase any of those kits instead of having to go directly to the manufacturer. The company also offers fiber-glass hoods for all late-model years. With the Web site, Mustang owners can see what their car will look like with California Mustang's body parts on it. Users can choose from all of the exterior parts and accessories offered, and even choose their color.

California Mustang
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Cervini's Auto Designs

Cervini's Auto Designs has been a leader in the body kit industry for years, and it has many offerings for a variety of late-model Ford vehicles. There are body kits for the new Mustang as well as for the Fox-body and '94-'04 SN-95 body styles. Cervini's two most popular body kits are the C-Series kit for the '05 Mustang and the Stalker body kit for '94-'04 Mustangs.

The C-Series kit makes the new Mustang look hot! It has 15 pieces that include a hood, a front bumper, upper and lower billet grilles, PIAA upper and lower foglights with bezels, a functional after-cat side-exit exhaust with side skirts, a rear bumper, a pair of quarter-panel and rear quarter-window scoops, and a ducktail rear wing. The kit includes a fiberglass hood with the rest being urethane, and the pieces are available separately.

If you're a '94-'04 Mustang aficionado, the Stalker body kit is right up your alley. The 10-piece kit features a fiberglass wing and hood with urethane body parts, including the front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, quarter-panel sidescoops, and sidescoop door moldings. If you have a '94-'98 Stang, you can choose either a Cobra R, a cowl induction, or a ram air hood, while the '99-'04 group can choose the ram air or Cobra R hood.

Cervini's also offers the Heat Extractor hood, made from fiberglass, as well as a urethane Cobra R front bumper.

Cervini's Auto Designs
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3656 N. Mill Rd.
Vineland, NJ 08360

Classic Design Concepts

Classic Design Concepts (CDC) offers the latest in body add-ons for the new Mustang as well as the '94-'04 models. While the com-pany doesn't have a dedicated body kit, it does have individual pieces that will add eye candy to your ride.

CDC offers a chin spoiler that comes either in a classic style or an aggressive style. Add the chin spoiler to CDC's C-pillar scoops, smooth hoodscoop, and blow-molded ABS plastic, three-piece ducktail rear spoiler, and an '05 Mustang will look nothing but hot.

CDC also offers body enhancements for your Stang. Both quarter-panel sidescoops and a Cobra R hood can be had for the '94-'98 body style. One of CDC's best-selling products is the Shaker package for the '99-'04 and '05 Mustangs. The package for the '99-'04 body style turns your GT or V-6 into a Mach 1 as it features the CDC Shaker system, trim panels, chin spoiler, grille eliminator, and Mach 1 side graphics.

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