Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
February 1, 2013

VDO Plug-n-Play Harness
Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, manufacturer and supplier of VDO OE-engineered instrumentation, now features a premium automotive-grade wire harness as standard equipment in every VDO Viewline five- and six-gauge instrument kit. Called the VDO Speed Harness, this new ready-to-use wiring harness features a plug-n-play configuration that helps make installation simple and trouble-free.

Using the Viewline single-plug connector design, each gauge connection is clearly imprinted to make identification simple and straightforward. All of the gauge connectors meet at two centralized connections, each with color-coded pigtails. One connector is attached to the underdash connections such as power, ground, and turn signal, while the other connects to all of the gauge senders. In addition to the new Speed Harness, the VDO Viewline kits come with all required mounting accessories, matched senders (including the speedometer sender), threaded adapters, electrical connectors, and easy-to-follow instructions.


Demon Calibration
Demon Carburetion has released a new calibration kit (PN 1921) that enables engine tuners to dial in exact air/fuel ratios for each specific engine. Whether additional fine-tuning is precipitated by altitude, an exotic cam, high compression, engine displacement, or uneven distribution from an intake manifold at different engine speeds, this new calibration kit will allow for fine-tuning of the fuel curve.

The kit provides four different sizes of primary jets, six different sizes of metering rods, four different weights of metering rod springs, and two different sizes of secondary jets. All components are supplied in pairs and all jets and needles are stamped for easy identification. The new Street Demon Calibration Kit is priced at $54.95.

Demon Carburetion
(270) 438-2039

Elite Headers
Flowmaster has been offering quality after-cat and header-back exhausts for years, but that’s where its product line stopped. With the release of its Scavenger Series Elite Headers, customers are now covered from the heads to the tailpipes.

Flowmaster made laser-cut 3⁄8-inch-thick flanges standard on the entire line, as well as 14-guage 409S stainless steel primary tubing. To ensure leak-free connections, Flowmaster equips all of the long-tube designs with modern ball-flange collectors with the corresponding reducers that eliminate the need for gaskets associated with traditional three-bolt collectors. Elite headers of all configurations receive a high-temp silver ceramic coating before leaving Flowmaster headquarters.

The initial Scavenger Series lineup, which is backed with a limited one-year warranty, includes fitment for vintage and newer Ford Mustangs, and includes all gaskets and necessary hardware.

(707) 544-4761

Shockingly Stiff
The popular Mustang chassis often gets upgraded for better handling, but the increased stresses can overwhelm a unibody structure designed for 200 hp and skinny, bias-ply tires. Adding this bracing structure from Fatman Fabrications will triangulate the shock towers to the firewall, with major improvement to that structure. The added stability will help maintain the alignment of your improved suspension kit. It will fit with Fatman’s strut IFS conversion, as well as any other that preserves the OEM upper shock mount. Adjustable stainless steel rod ends make it easy to fit and adjust.

Fatman Fabrications
(704) 545-0369

Hot Sparks
If your high-compression or boosted engine needs a stronger spark, Crane Cams HI-6RC Digital Race Ignition system now comes completely assembled and ready to bolt in. Included in the PN 6000-6701 kit is a fully sealed, digital CD ignition with adjustable rev limiter, start retard, Weatherpak plugs, and rubber shock mounts. The matching PS92N Coil is an E-Core design that is lightweight and mounted in an aluminum bracket for complete cooling. Crane’s HI-6RC retails for $399.87.

Crane Cams
(866) 388-5120

Overdrive Support
The new X-Factor crossmember from American Powertrain makes putting a T5, TKO, or AOD in the ’65-’73 Mustang a bolt-in job. The X-Factor crossmember bolts to the original holes in the Mustang’s tunnel support, just like an OE crossmember, but features the correct dimensions for your favorite modern transmission. A unique center plate tilts to properly support the rotated mounting position of the T5 or sits flat and level for the TKO and AOD. An e-brake cable bracket is included for OE cable compatibility.

Made in the USA, the X-Factor crossmember is constructed from hot-pressed T-6061 aluminum, making it incredibly light and strong. All stock parts are powdercoated in metallic aluminum or Ford Blue (shown) and come with Grade 8 hardware. X-Factor crossmembers come with a lifetime warranty against breakage, and American Powertrain’s exclusive Customer First 24-Hour tech support.

American Powertrain
(931) 646-4836