Wayne Cook
February 2, 2010
Photos By: The Manufacturer

Sport ST Tachometer
Tach It Up

Sunpro now offers the Sport ST Tachometer featuring a 10,000-rev scale and modern styling. With its "soft touch" outer bezel, smooth finish and curved amber shift light the Sport ST Tach is a good-looking unit. An rpm set-point control is easily accessed on the front dial. The Sport ST tach has a 5-inch diameter metal housing with a vibration-proof air-core meter movement. An illuminated pointer and through-the-dial lighting make the tachometer easy to read at night. The shift light can be repositioned around the body for best view and an adjustable swivel foot allows for mounting at any angle. Part number CP7900 is the Sport ST tach, which costs $92.25. It is also available in a 3 3/8-inch diameter. The Sunpro Sport ST Tach can be purchased from leading automotive performance suppliers including Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, and Pep Boys.

Braided Steel Flexible Brake Hose
Stopping Science

Now the tubing experts at Classic Tube offer the Stop Flex braided steel flexible brake hose. While most automotive brake lines have a 1,500 psi bursting strength, the Stop Flex hoses have a 5,000 psi rating. These stainless braided hoses prevent volumetric expansion, a major culprit in a spongy brake pedal. The very high burst pressure produces a firmer and more responsive brake pedal feel. Stop Flex brake lines are available for almost all cars, and a complete kit for a '65 Mustang consisting of three hoses costs $119.85.
(800) 882-3711

Polished Stainless Steel Fastner Kit
Nuts And Bolts

Watch the surprised expressions on their faces when they peak under the hood of your '65 or '66 classic Mustang and see the all new 132-piece polished stainless steel fastener kit now offered by K.A.R. Auto Group. The head of every polished stainless steel bolt in K.A.R.'s underhood fastener kit is embossed with your choice of either the Mustang running horse or a GT insignia. Of course, washers and flange nuts are also polished stainless steel. Each 132-piece kit contains fasteners for the hood hinges, catch bar, horns, latch bracket, fender tops, and more. The retail price is $158.95. K.A.R. Auto Group offers an exciting array of styling, and technology upgrades for classic Mustangs.
(800) 341-5949

Transmission Conversion Crossmember
Get Overdrive

Everyone we know who has added overdrive to their classic Ford loves it. For manual transmission applications Ron Morris Performance now offers T5, Tremec, and AOD transmission conversion crossmembers for '65-'73 Mustangs and Cougars. These crossmembers offer lots of exhaust clearance and come with new mounting hardware. Using this part you'll have easy access to all four transmission mount bolt holes. Also included is a replacement parking brake bracket (on '65-'66 versions) which fits between the transmission and transmission mount. The Ron Morris conversion crossmembers are available in several part numbers, and they come in a black powdercoated finish. The cost is $150.
(209) 605-1590

'71-'73 Mustang Led Sequential Taillights
In Sequence

Now enjoy improved visibility and safety with these LED sequential taillights for '71-'73 Mustangs. Available from Mustang Project as PN MP-6012, the lamps come as a complete kit with everything you need included. Use your existing taillight housings, lenses, and all other components. Light Emitting Diodes are cool running and won't melt your lenses like incandescent bulbs can. The kit is fast and simple to install and the LED lamps are more than twice as bright as the OE bulbs. LED light sources last virtually forever and are undetectable with this invisible installation. The protected circuit flasher modules are guaranteed for the life of your car. The kit costs $159.95.
(800) 631-0507