Wayne Cook
February 2, 2010
Photos By: The Manufacturer

Vortex Classic Muffler
It's The Bomb

Cherry Bomb was famous for glass packed mufflers back in the 1960's and it now has the new Cherry Bomb Vortex muffler. The Vortex is its premium brand of performance muffler and it is both high-flowing and quiet. Its ingenious patented flow divider design works in tandem with a perforated wall layered with fiberglass filler to maximize flow and deliver both performance and the unique Cherry Bomb sound. Made of 100 percent aluminized steel, the Cherry Bomb Vortex is made to last and is available in standard body sizes with reversible ends for easy installation. The Vortex Classic muffler with a 2 1/4-inch inlet and outlet size is PN 88100 and costs $68.36.
(866) 869-9704

Cruiser Bench Seat Console
Console Your Classic

Tired of not having anywhere to put your drink while driving your classic car? This problem is particularly troublesome for drivers with bench-seat cars due to the lack of available consoles. For those drivers, The Paddock has a new console that is specifically designed for bench-seat cars. The Cruiser Bench Seat Console features two cup holders for large sized drinks, a fully lined interior compartment with a plastic sleeve on the flip up lid to hold important documents, and an armrest pad. The console also features a long strap that loops around the bottom cushion of your bench seat in order to keep it from going anywhere while you drive. The console comes in a variety of colors including black, bright red, maroon, light blue, bright blue, dark blue, aqua, parchment, and white. The price is $99.95.
(800) 428-4319

Quad System Gauges
Auto Meter Quad

Auto Meter is proud to announce its popular Quad System Technology in a new and smaller 3 3/8-inch size. They're perfectly suited to custom applications with limited dash space. The Quad System gauge monitors fuel level, water temp, oil pressure, and electrical voltage and is available in a matched kit box (all senders included) with a matching Auto Meter programmable electric speedometer. Quad System kit boxes are available in these highly popular vintage-look Street Rod designs. The 3 3/8-inch Quad System gauges are also available separately. We found the Auto Meter Quad gauge with oil pressure, water temperature, volts, and fuel level for $159.
(815) 895-8147

Automatic Transmission Cooler
Remote Radiator

Prevent overheating in your Ford automatic transmission with this Fluidyne 20mm multi-flow automatic transmission cooler. It's a valuable asset to your automatic-equipped car, and with a high-performance engine, the heat exchanger inside your car's radiator is likely to be overloaded. Cycling your transmission fluid through a remotely mounted cooler is a great help in the battle against excess transmission heat, and you'll enjoy smoother shifting and greatly extended service life with this Fluidyne cooler. With a cost of only $35.05 it's one of the great high-performance bargains out there.
(704) 662-8119

Small-Block Aluminum Water Pump
Pump You Up

In the never-ending quest to save weight and keep cool we use an Edelbrock aluminum water pump when a replacement is called for. The Edelbrock pump is good at cooling and is flow-bench tested for balanced flow and maximum cooling capacity. Of course, its aluminum construction saves weight over that factory cast-iron pump, and every little bit helps. An Edelbrock aluminum water pump for your small block Ford costs $159.95.
(310) 781-2222

Six-Blade Clutch-Controlled Fan
Fan Club Membership

The more you use your car for summer road trips and hot weather, the more you need this six-blade clutch-controlled fan. The four-blade direct drive unit can't move as much air as the big six-blade unit, and even at 70 mph it's still hooked directly to the engine. At that speed it's just wasting your fuel and power which could be going to the rear wheels. Another great benefit that you get from a clutch-operated fan is that howling sound that comes out from under the hood at high speeds since to the stock fixed-mount, belt-driven fan will be gone. All of these benefits aren't expensive with the six-blade fan costing $49.95 and the clutch $32.50.
(800) 235-3445