Eric English
September 1, 2009
This little gem is a patented bracket from North Racecars, laser cut and bent per the application from ¼-inch certified plate steel. Designed to mount SN-95 rear discs to Fox-era Mustangs and many '60s Fords, the key is that they allow using stock length axles from the car in question. Whether Fox or classic, Cobra rotors are the ticket when opting for 16-inch or larger wheels, while the GT/V-6 rotor can even be used with some 14-inch rims.

North Racecars
While North Racecars does a substantial business building and supplying parts for Factory Five Roadsters, the company is also known for its products which mount SN-95 rear discs to '79-'93 Mustangs, and a variety of '60s era Fords. We were first acquainted with owner Richard Oben several years ago when doing a Cobra rear disc upgrade on a '93 Mustang. We took advantage of his rear caliper brackets ($150), which enabled the use of stock Fox length axles while employing the big 11.65-inch rear rotor/caliper assembly. As opposed to using SN-95 axles such as in FRPP's 2300K kit, or if swapping a '94-'98 8.8 into a '79-'93, keeping the narrower Fox track buys important tire/fender clearance. These brackets are still big sellers for North, and also come in variations to allow the smaller GT/V-6 10.6-inch rotor (desirable for 15-inch wheel applications), or T-bird Turbo Coupe discs (for those wanting to keep four-lug wheels)-all keeping the Fox track width. The product line enables customers to procure as few, or as many of his own parts as he likes, with kits ranging from brackets only, to full rear conversions.

Since our initial introduction, North Racecars has also developed brackets which fit SN-95 rear discs to classic Fords with most 8- or 9-inch rearends. Pricing for complete kits was still being determined as we wrote this story, but expect something similar to North's Fox oriented products.

North Racecars
(816) 436-1610

Sample pricing direct from North Racecars:

  • '86-'93 Fox chassis Cobra rear brake kit, $749
  • SN-95 caliper brackets for most 8- or 9-inch rearends, $170

Straight from the very limited production 427R Trak Pak and P51B Mustangs, this 14-inch/six-piston front disc kit is the cream of the crop in the Roush lineup. Available exclusively for the S197 chassis, PN 403144 employs monster calipers, two-piece slotted rotors, and braided steel lines, and will have your Mustang braking with the best of them!

Roush Performance
When it comes to Ford performance, you name it and Jack Roush has probably done it. From the NHRA, to SCCA, to NASCAR, Roush has been successful in most forms of motorsport, and in more recent years has parlayed this expertise into building tuner Mustangs available from select Ford dealers nationwide. Components from these cars have naturally migrated to the aftermarket arm of Roush's multi-faceted company, including some impressive brake packages for Mustangs from '94 to present.

Reflecting the enthusiast's preference for the latest and greatest, Roush offers two front brake upgrades for the S197 Mustang-a 14-inch/four-piston kit, which you've seen on Roush Stage 3 and P51A cars, and a 14-inch/six-piston kit for the guys who are truly over the top. Owners of '94-'04 Mustangs don't have as much variety, but the 14-inch/four-piston front kit for these cars is more than just making do. Either way, with the need to integrate ultra performance with OEM standards and systems, you can count on the fact that Roush engineers have taken the guesswork out of a brake system that works-right out of the box.

Roush Performance
(800) 59-ROUSH

Sample pricing direct from Roush:

  • '05-'09 Mustang: two-piece 14-inch/four-piston front kit, $2,742.23
  • '94-'04 Mustang: 14-inch/four-piston front kit, $2,407.65