Eric English
September 1, 2009
The M-2300-X kit is just one example of Ford Racing's many brake upgrades. This particular kit upgrades '94-'04 GTs and Cobras to '00 Cobra R spec front brakes. Brembo four-piston calipers, slotted rotors, hardware, and brake lines are included, however you can figure an 18-inch wheel upgrade will be necessary as well. Summit Racing sells the M-2300-X kit for $1,199.95.

Ford Racing Performance Parts
There's plenty of appeal in bolting factory Ford parts to your Ford car, and the folks at FRPP have done a great job of offering variety for a very long time. Catering mainly to the '79 and up crowd, you'll find something for every generation of the modern era, from a basic five-lug Fox rear drum upgrade, to current GT500/Brembo brakes for your brand-new S197 GT. One of our longtime favorites continues to be offered in 2009, the M2300K brake package; an all inclusive kit that transforms the lowly Fox Mustang brakes to '94-'04 Cobra spec five-lug four-wheel discs.

Ford Racing Performance Parts

Sample Pricing from Summit Racing:

  • '79-'93 Mustang: M-2300-K 13.0/11.65-inch Cobra four-wheel disc kit, $2,659.95
  • '05-'09 Mustang: M-2300-S Brembo 14-inch/four-piston front kit, rear pads, four stainless hoses, $1,369.99

Griggs Racing 4 on 4 calipers are remarkably compact, which combined with the system's typical 13.5x1.25-inch front rotors and 12.19x0.81-inch rears, enables most 17-inch and some 16-inch wheels to fit. Front applications generally use either SN-95 or Griggs Racing spindles, while both 8.8- and 9-inch rearend configurations are available.

Griggs Racing
Known mainly for its track-worthy GR40 and GR350 Mustang suspension systems, the hard-core performance enthusiasts at Griggs Racing are no strangers to improved braking. Griggs is a dealer for many major brake manufacturers should you want to go those routes, however it has recently expanded customer options by developing its own "Griggs 4 on 4" (four-piston calipers at all four corners) braking systems.

Bruce Griggs explained that the 4 on 4 system is based around NASCAR-derived four-piston calipers manufactured to Griggs' specifications, offering some of the best bang for the buck on the market. While Griggs' brakes are available for classic and S197 Mustangs as well, the prime target audience may well be the '79-'04 generations-with special attention paid to make the system fully compatible with factory ABS. "The modulation is incredible, and the value is excellent due to the economies of scale offered by calipers and pads with a direct tie to popular circle track applications," says Griggs. To wit, he points out that pad costs for the Griggs system are about 1/3 less than the same compound for a PBR/Cobra caliper, will last three to four times as long due to their larger size, and provide vastly superior brake torque. Price spreads can be even more significant when compared to more exotic calipers, which should be particularly relevant to cars seeing significant track use.

Griggs says that about 90 percent of its 4 on 4 brake systems are installed on cars whose use is split between street and track-in other words, it isn't just for racers. On the other hand, the company points out that the system isn't intended for all-season daily drivers, so keep this in mind as you mull over your choices.

Griggs Racing Products
(707) 939-2244

Sample pricing direct from Griggs Racing:

  • '94-'04 Mustang: Griggs 4 on 4 front kit (two-piece 13.5-inch/four-piston) from $1,600
  • '94-'04 Mustang: Griggs 4 on 4 rear kit (12.19x.81-inch/four-piston) from $1,250

For '64-'73 Mustang and Cougar with automatic transmission Master Power Brakes offers this complete power front disc conversion, which includes 11¼-inch vented rotors, calipers and pads, caliper mounting brackets, 9-inch single diaphragm power booster, master cylinder, combination valve kit, hoses, bearings/seals/hardware, and power brake pedal under Part DB1521PANS for $995 (must have 15-inch or larger drum brake wheels or 14-inch disc brake wheels).

Master Power Brakes
If an OEM-style front or four-wheel disc brake system is the right approach for your vintage Mustang or Ford, Master Power's product line is worth checking out. Likewise, the company offers drum brake upgrades for those inclined to a more stock approach.

With applications for '65-'73 Mustangs, '55-'57 T-birds, and most related siblings, Master Power disc brake systems feature proven cast iron calipers, and are available in numerous configurations. Systems may be had with or without master cylinders, with or without power boosters, a choice of rotor finishes, and more.

Master Power Brakes
(888) 351-8785

Sample pricing direct from Master Power:

  • '65-'66 Mustang: front disc kit including master cylinder, iron four-piston calipers, 11.25-inch slotted/drilled rotors, and more, $920
  • '59-'64 Galaxie: front power disc kit including booster, master cylinder, iron calipers, 11.75-inch slotted/drilled rotors, and more, $1,050