Eric English
September 1, 2009
Seen here is Maximum Motorsports' '94-'95 manual brake conversion kit, featuring a brake pedal arm and pad, adjustable length pushrod, firewall adapter block, brake light switch, adjustable upper pedal stop, and necessary hardware. Listed as PN MMBAK-13, it sells for $199.95.

Maximum Motorsports
Long a manufacturer of '79 and newer Mustang suspension upgrades, it's of little surprise that Maximum Motorsports is a dealer for many of the big aftermarket brake manufacturers. What did get our attention however, were the sheer number of unique support items offered by this California-based company.

For starters, Maximum grew tired of the status quo in braided brake lines, and recently came to market with lines manufactured to its own spec by Stoptech-in a wide variety of Mustang applications. Also unique are Maximum's master cylinder adapter kits, whose custom bent lines and fittings allow Fox owners to seamlessly install various OEM master cylinders (SVO, '93 Cobra, SN-95 Cobra) to their unique chassis. Of the same genre are hard line kits which smooth the way for Maximum's manual brake conversion-a boon for drag racers and road racers alike. The manual conversion kits ('79-'93 and '94-'95) eliminate the brake booster, and thus relocates the master cylinder, so easing the pain of replumbing is big.

We also found it obvious that Maximum caters to the little guy as well as the high roller. The most basic of Fox upgrades are still available here, including items that were staples of the industry 15 years ago. We're talking stainless steel caliper sleeves for stock calipers, high-performance reline kits for original Fox disc/drum setups, and even SVO/Saleen 73mm front calipers.

Maximum Motorsports
(888) 378-8840

Sample pricing direct from Maximum Motorsports:

  • '87-'93 Mustang: factory disc/drum upgrade includes Hawk pads, MM shoes, stainless brake hoses, and stainless steel caliper sleeves, $259.94
  • '87-'93 SVO: front brake package includes SVO master cylinder and adapter kit, SVO 73mm calipers w/steel pistons and pad retention clips, $255.78

One of MustangSteve's most developed products involves more than just brakes, as this power brake and pedal assembly for '65-'66 Mustangs uses sealed pedal shaft bearings, an adjustable cable clutch mechanism, adjustable clutch pedal stop, improved geometry brake pedal, and a power brake booster ($549). Built completely in-house, this kit is a natural for enthusiasts converting an automatic car to a modern manual transmission. No pedal cores are required, and master cylinders are sold separately.

Steve Wilkes' desire to bring old Mustangs up to a more modern driving standard is the force behind his business, MustangSteve. Known in large part for his bracket and hardware kits which adapt SN-95 Cobra discs to the front and rear of classic Mustangs, he more recently developed a kit which does the same for S197 Mustang GT four-wheel discs, and yet another which melds the big front Cobra brakes to Mustang II spindles. In each case, the original track width of the vehicle remains stock. Steve put it like this, "few things look better behind an open spoke wheel than Cobra calipers, and besides their excellent performance, many people do this upgrade for appearance reasons." The S197 kit may well be for the more practically minded, as despite their more mundane appearance, these are some quality brakes than can often be had on the cheap. Featuring 12.5-inch front rotors, and 11.75-inch rears, Steve says he's bought nearly new take-offs for "next to nothing."

MustangSteve is unique in that complete kits aren't part of his repertoire. In addition to the reasonably priced brackets kits, a list of all the parts and pieces necessary to complete a swap are included, in fact, they can be viewed on his website prior to ordering. This enables customers to find their own "best deal" for the actual braking components, whether sourced from a parts car, new from FRPP, or elsewhere. All wear items in MustangSteve kits are original Ford parts, meaning easy access to service items should the need arise.


Sample pricing direct from MustangSteve:

  • '65-'73 Mustang: adapter brackets and hardware for SN-95 Cobra brakes, $230 (front), $165 (rear)
  • '74-'78 Mustang II: adapter brackets and hardware for SN-95 Cobra brakes, $269 (front)