Eric English
September 1, 2009
For street or track use, there's no denying the benefits of a quality brake upgrade for your Mustang or Ford, just ask the people who rode shotgun in the Year One Track Car!

Since its inception, Ford's Mustang has always been known as a sporty and affordable set of wheels, with appeal across a broad demographic. Of late, you could argue the point of affordability for the top performance models, but these aside, the emphasis continues to this very day. Of course an obvious downside to affordability is that few factory components are ready for the rigors of hard-core performance use, but on the other hand, upgrades have long been easy and plentiful.

Nowhere is this situation truer than with the Mustang's brakes. Factory components have ranged from the barely passable ('60s era four-wheel drums, Fox disc/drums), to decent (SN-95-S197), but rarely stellar. Not to worry, as there has never been an era where a wider variety of brake upgrades were available-for both classic and current Mustangs. It seems that every Mustang website or catalog now has a large offering of brake kits/components, reflecting a recognition that stop and go power should receive equal emphasis. On the following pages you'll see a sampling of the products on the market, some of which you'll be familiar with, others perhaps less so. Our focus herein isn't to cover vendors who sell great brake packages as a part of their broad product line, rather we've tuned in on manufacturers, as well as businesses that have created something more customized or unique. You may also notice the absence of brake upgrades that mandate extensive suspension mods like strut or Mustang II-style arrangements. Great as these setups may be, they're not the bolt-on brake upgrade we're seeking to cover here.

To give a feel for the cash layout that might be involved in some of the covered upgrades, we've tried to include some street prices for various kits. One word of warning however, some kits are more or less inclusive than others. Don't necessarily discount a given product because the price seems too high-it may be an all inclusive swap kit rather than a basic setup that will still require pads, hoses, master cylinders, and other necessities. Read on, do your homework, and develop a plan for adding phenomenal braking power to your Mustang. No matter the era, you won't be disappointed!

Much of Baer's latest and greatest are pictured here-the four-piston T4, the six-piston 6P, and the monoblock six-piston 6S/6R. Baer's Todd Gartshore explained that the new T4 is price competitive with the PBR calipers in many Serious Street kits, and thus will be offered when clearance for a four-piston caliper is available.

Baer Brake Systems
Go to any car show or track event, and you'll undoubtedly run into numerous vehicles equipped with Baer brake products. From a humble start in 1986, Hal Baer and company have morphed into a leader in the performance brake aftermarket, offering a wide variety of upgrades for both classic and late-model Mustangs-and virtually every other car under the sun.

While PBR calipers have been a mainstay in Baer kits for years, they now make up a minority of the product line-used now primarily when clearance issues dictate. In-house designed and manufactured Baer calipers have become the units of choice, in a variety of four- and six-piston configurations. But perhaps Baer's biggest claim to fame is the sheer quantity of different kits which offer something for just about every unique customer you'd be apt to find. For almost every year and variant of Mustang-classic or late-model-Baer can equip you with 11-, 12-, 13-, 14-, or 15-inch diameter rotors with multiple caliper combinations. The diverse choices cover many different budgets, as well as many different wheel combos-from period 15-inchers, to the largest hoops under the sun.

Baer Brake Systems
(602) 233-1411

Sample pricing direct from Baer:

  • '94-'04 Mustang: Baer Track4 front kit, 13-inch/four-piston T4 calipers, $1,145
  • '05-'09 Mustang: Baer Pro Plus front kit, two-piece 14-inch/six-piston 6P calipers, $1,895

Perfect for an actual vintage racer, period authentic track car, or "day two" style restomod, this is Cobra Automotive's competition-proven front disc package-compatible with wheels such as 15-inch American Racing Torque Thrusts. The kit contains massaged KH Lincoln-spec four-piston calipers, beefy 12-inch rotors, aluminum hats, billet caliper brackets, stainless lines, Grade 8 hardware, and carbon Kevlar pads in either a street or race compound. Drum brake spindles (includes '65-'67 disc) are required, as are '65-'67 disc brake hubs, or Cobra Automotive's own aluminum or billet steel hubs.

Cobra Automotive
Cobra Automotive's Carl Vogt explained his company's angle on improved Mustang braking. "We've got the most powerful and well developed vintage correct brakes on the market," and we believe him. As one of the nation's leading preparers of classic Mustang road racers, Cobra Automotive has developed and tested what really works. Their setups normally focus on a big front disc/big rear drum approach, reflecting the common limitations of popular vintage racing rules. "The strictest vintage sanctioning bodies won't allow rear discs on pre-'67 cars," explained Vogt, illustrating the timeline when these staples of today began to appear on Trans-Am efforts.

Cobra Automotive's most impressive front brake setup is nearly identical to the factory Trans-Am cars which ran in the late Sixties-meaning a big Lincoln/T-bird front disc and caliper combination. Kelsey Hayes was the manufacturer of these four-piston binders, which Cobra Automotive has refined into a superstar, and paired with a big 12x1.25-inch directionally vented rotor. "The JL8 four-wheel disc Camaros hate us when our rear drum cars out brake them," chuckles Vogt. It just goes to show that drums aren't necessarily as archaic as they seem.

Out back, Cobra Automotive offers three big drum kits-a 10x2.5-inch replication of the original GT350 setup for small bearing rearends, and two 11x2.25-inch versions (street or track) for "Torino" 9-inch bearing ends. Unless restricted by racing regulations or rearend configuration, the 11-inch packages are the way to go. Despite being slightly narrower, the greater diameter of the 11-inch binders provides superior braking power, and costs less than the 10-inchers as well. While Cobra Automotive's clientele is primarily the vintage racer or open tracker, its setups are well worth considering for a period style street car as well. To maximize the brakes, Cobra Automotive also has the right master cylinder and wheel cylinders for whatever your application requires.

Cobra Automotive
(203) 284-3863

Sample pricing direct from Cobra Automotive:

  • '65-'70 Mustang: front disc kit with two-piece 12x1.25-inch/four-piston Lincoln/Kelsey Hayes calipers, $1,850
  • '65-'70 Mustang: 11x2.25-inch street rear drum kit, $595

Currie realizes that drum brakes haven't entirely gone the way of the dodo bird, and still has plenty of products to support the vintage binders-both stock and performance in nature. If you have a 9-inch with either of the large bearing ends, Currie can set you up with its best drum package, an 11x2.5-inch kit that runs $349.95. Small 8- and 9-inch bearing configurations are limited to 10-inch packages that aren't particularly performance oriented, but still have a place for restorers and those simply wanting to service stock brakes.

Currie Enterprises
Not surprisingly, the rearend experts at Currie are oriented specifically to rear brake applications, but there's more than enough variety to give them serious consideration whether you're purchasing a new rearend, or not. Beyond being a dealer for the traditional aftermarket brake companies, Currie has numerous offerings of its own, with applications for everything from Mustangs to Galaxies.

Currie builds its 9-inch rearend housings with the customer's choice of bearing ends-meaning small bearing (most early Mustangs/same as 8-inch), early large bearing, or later "Torino" large bearing-the latter of which has become an industry standard. When equipped with the Torino ends, Currie's most popular disc kit is the 11-inch Explorer setup that lists for $499.95. The OEM parking brake mechanism is included, which Currie says is second to none-the biggest downside being that the kit doesn't mate up to the other style bearing ends. On the other hand, a 10-inch Super Street kit is available for all 8- and 9-inch applications, and is based around proven '91-'93 Thunderbird Super Coupe hardware. While small by modern standards, it may well be the ticket for those wanting to hide modern discs behind their 14-inch Styled Steels.

Currie Enterprises
(714) 528-6957

Sample pricing direct from Currie:

  • 10-inch Super Street rear disc kit for all 8-/9-inch applications, $599.95
  • SN-95 Cobra rear caliper brackets for all 8-/9-inch applications, $149.95

The M-2300-X kit is just one example of Ford Racing's many brake upgrades. This particular kit upgrades '94-'04 GTs and Cobras to '00 Cobra R spec front brakes. Brembo four-piston calipers, slotted rotors, hardware, and brake lines are included, however you can figure an 18-inch wheel upgrade will be necessary as well. Summit Racing sells the M-2300-X kit for $1,199.95.

Ford Racing Performance Parts
There's plenty of appeal in bolting factory Ford parts to your Ford car, and the folks at FRPP have done a great job of offering variety for a very long time. Catering mainly to the '79 and up crowd, you'll find something for every generation of the modern era, from a basic five-lug Fox rear drum upgrade, to current GT500/Brembo brakes for your brand-new S197 GT. One of our longtime favorites continues to be offered in 2009, the M2300K brake package; an all inclusive kit that transforms the lowly Fox Mustang brakes to '94-'04 Cobra spec five-lug four-wheel discs.

Ford Racing Performance Parts

Sample Pricing from Summit Racing:

  • '79-'93 Mustang: M-2300-K 13.0/11.65-inch Cobra four-wheel disc kit, $2,659.95
  • '05-'09 Mustang: M-2300-S Brembo 14-inch/four-piston front kit, rear pads, four stainless hoses, $1,369.99

Griggs Racing 4 on 4 calipers are remarkably compact, which combined with the system's typical 13.5x1.25-inch front rotors and 12.19x0.81-inch rears, enables most 17-inch and some 16-inch wheels to fit. Front applications generally use either SN-95 or Griggs Racing spindles, while both 8.8- and 9-inch rearend configurations are available.

Griggs Racing
Known mainly for its track-worthy GR40 and GR350 Mustang suspension systems, the hard-core performance enthusiasts at Griggs Racing are no strangers to improved braking. Griggs is a dealer for many major brake manufacturers should you want to go those routes, however it has recently expanded customer options by developing its own "Griggs 4 on 4" (four-piston calipers at all four corners) braking systems.

Bruce Griggs explained that the 4 on 4 system is based around NASCAR-derived four-piston calipers manufactured to Griggs' specifications, offering some of the best bang for the buck on the market. While Griggs' brakes are available for classic and S197 Mustangs as well, the prime target audience may well be the '79-'04 generations-with special attention paid to make the system fully compatible with factory ABS. "The modulation is incredible, and the value is excellent due to the economies of scale offered by calipers and pads with a direct tie to popular circle track applications," says Griggs. To wit, he points out that pad costs for the Griggs system are about 1/3 less than the same compound for a PBR/Cobra caliper, will last three to four times as long due to their larger size, and provide vastly superior brake torque. Price spreads can be even more significant when compared to more exotic calipers, which should be particularly relevant to cars seeing significant track use.

Griggs says that about 90 percent of its 4 on 4 brake systems are installed on cars whose use is split between street and track-in other words, it isn't just for racers. On the other hand, the company points out that the system isn't intended for all-season daily drivers, so keep this in mind as you mull over your choices.

Griggs Racing Products
(707) 939-2244

Sample pricing direct from Griggs Racing:

  • '94-'04 Mustang: Griggs 4 on 4 front kit (two-piece 13.5-inch/four-piston) from $1,600
  • '94-'04 Mustang: Griggs 4 on 4 rear kit (12.19x.81-inch/four-piston) from $1,250

For '64-'73 Mustang and Cougar with automatic transmission Master Power Brakes offers this complete power front disc conversion, which includes 11¼-inch vented rotors, calipers and pads, caliper mounting brackets, 9-inch single diaphragm power booster, master cylinder, combination valve kit, hoses, bearings/seals/hardware, and power brake pedal under Part DB1521PANS for $995 (must have 15-inch or larger drum brake wheels or 14-inch disc brake wheels).

Master Power Brakes
If an OEM-style front or four-wheel disc brake system is the right approach for your vintage Mustang or Ford, Master Power's product line is worth checking out. Likewise, the company offers drum brake upgrades for those inclined to a more stock approach.

With applications for '65-'73 Mustangs, '55-'57 T-birds, and most related siblings, Master Power disc brake systems feature proven cast iron calipers, and are available in numerous configurations. Systems may be had with or without master cylinders, with or without power boosters, a choice of rotor finishes, and more.

Master Power Brakes
(888) 351-8785

Sample pricing direct from Master Power:

  • '65-'66 Mustang: front disc kit including master cylinder, iron four-piston calipers, 11.25-inch slotted/drilled rotors, and more, $920
  • '59-'64 Galaxie: front power disc kit including booster, master cylinder, iron calipers, 11.75-inch slotted/drilled rotors, and more, $1,050

Seen here is Maximum Motorsports' '94-'95 manual brake conversion kit, featuring a brake pedal arm and pad, adjustable length pushrod, firewall adapter block, brake light switch, adjustable upper pedal stop, and necessary hardware. Listed as PN MMBAK-13, it sells for $199.95.

Maximum Motorsports
Long a manufacturer of '79 and newer Mustang suspension upgrades, it's of little surprise that Maximum Motorsports is a dealer for many of the big aftermarket brake manufacturers. What did get our attention however, were the sheer number of unique support items offered by this California-based company.

For starters, Maximum grew tired of the status quo in braided brake lines, and recently came to market with lines manufactured to its own spec by Stoptech-in a wide variety of Mustang applications. Also unique are Maximum's master cylinder adapter kits, whose custom bent lines and fittings allow Fox owners to seamlessly install various OEM master cylinders (SVO, '93 Cobra, SN-95 Cobra) to their unique chassis. Of the same genre are hard line kits which smooth the way for Maximum's manual brake conversion-a boon for drag racers and road racers alike. The manual conversion kits ('79-'93 and '94-'95) eliminate the brake booster, and thus relocates the master cylinder, so easing the pain of replumbing is big.

We also found it obvious that Maximum caters to the little guy as well as the high roller. The most basic of Fox upgrades are still available here, including items that were staples of the industry 15 years ago. We're talking stainless steel caliper sleeves for stock calipers, high-performance reline kits for original Fox disc/drum setups, and even SVO/Saleen 73mm front calipers.

Maximum Motorsports
(888) 378-8840

Sample pricing direct from Maximum Motorsports:

  • '87-'93 Mustang: factory disc/drum upgrade includes Hawk pads, MM shoes, stainless brake hoses, and stainless steel caliper sleeves, $259.94
  • '87-'93 SVO: front brake package includes SVO master cylinder and adapter kit, SVO 73mm calipers w/steel pistons and pad retention clips, $255.78

One of MustangSteve's most developed products involves more than just brakes, as this power brake and pedal assembly for '65-'66 Mustangs uses sealed pedal shaft bearings, an adjustable cable clutch mechanism, adjustable clutch pedal stop, improved geometry brake pedal, and a power brake booster ($549). Built completely in-house, this kit is a natural for enthusiasts converting an automatic car to a modern manual transmission. No pedal cores are required, and master cylinders are sold separately.

Steve Wilkes' desire to bring old Mustangs up to a more modern driving standard is the force behind his business, MustangSteve. Known in large part for his bracket and hardware kits which adapt SN-95 Cobra discs to the front and rear of classic Mustangs, he more recently developed a kit which does the same for S197 Mustang GT four-wheel discs, and yet another which melds the big front Cobra brakes to Mustang II spindles. In each case, the original track width of the vehicle remains stock. Steve put it like this, "few things look better behind an open spoke wheel than Cobra calipers, and besides their excellent performance, many people do this upgrade for appearance reasons." The S197 kit may well be for the more practically minded, as despite their more mundane appearance, these are some quality brakes than can often be had on the cheap. Featuring 12.5-inch front rotors, and 11.75-inch rears, Steve says he's bought nearly new take-offs for "next to nothing."

MustangSteve is unique in that complete kits aren't part of his repertoire. In addition to the reasonably priced brackets kits, a list of all the parts and pieces necessary to complete a swap are included, in fact, they can be viewed on his website prior to ordering. This enables customers to find their own "best deal" for the actual braking components, whether sourced from a parts car, new from FRPP, or elsewhere. All wear items in MustangSteve kits are original Ford parts, meaning easy access to service items should the need arise.


Sample pricing direct from MustangSteve:

  • '65-'73 Mustang: adapter brackets and hardware for SN-95 Cobra brakes, $230 (front), $165 (rear)
  • '74-'78 Mustang II: adapter brackets and hardware for SN-95 Cobra brakes, $269 (front)

This little gem is a patented bracket from North Racecars, laser cut and bent per the application from ¼-inch certified plate steel. Designed to mount SN-95 rear discs to Fox-era Mustangs and many '60s Fords, the key is that they allow using stock length axles from the car in question. Whether Fox or classic, Cobra rotors are the ticket when opting for 16-inch or larger wheels, while the GT/V-6 rotor can even be used with some 14-inch rims.

North Racecars
While North Racecars does a substantial business building and supplying parts for Factory Five Roadsters, the company is also known for its products which mount SN-95 rear discs to '79-'93 Mustangs, and a variety of '60s era Fords. We were first acquainted with owner Richard Oben several years ago when doing a Cobra rear disc upgrade on a '93 Mustang. We took advantage of his rear caliper brackets ($150), which enabled the use of stock Fox length axles while employing the big 11.65-inch rear rotor/caliper assembly. As opposed to using SN-95 axles such as in FRPP's 2300K kit, or if swapping a '94-'98 8.8 into a '79-'93, keeping the narrower Fox track buys important tire/fender clearance. These brackets are still big sellers for North, and also come in variations to allow the smaller GT/V-6 10.6-inch rotor (desirable for 15-inch wheel applications), or T-bird Turbo Coupe discs (for those wanting to keep four-lug wheels)-all keeping the Fox track width. The product line enables customers to procure as few, or as many of his own parts as he likes, with kits ranging from brackets only, to full rear conversions.

Since our initial introduction, North Racecars has also developed brackets which fit SN-95 rear discs to classic Fords with most 8- or 9-inch rearends. Pricing for complete kits was still being determined as we wrote this story, but expect something similar to North's Fox oriented products.

North Racecars
(816) 436-1610

Sample pricing direct from North Racecars:

  • '86-'93 Fox chassis Cobra rear brake kit, $749
  • SN-95 caliper brackets for most 8- or 9-inch rearends, $170

Straight from the very limited production 427R Trak Pak and P51B Mustangs, this 14-inch/six-piston front disc kit is the cream of the crop in the Roush lineup. Available exclusively for the S197 chassis, PN 403144 employs monster calipers, two-piece slotted rotors, and braided steel lines, and will have your Mustang braking with the best of them!

Roush Performance
When it comes to Ford performance, you name it and Jack Roush has probably done it. From the NHRA, to SCCA, to NASCAR, Roush has been successful in most forms of motorsport, and in more recent years has parlayed this expertise into building tuner Mustangs available from select Ford dealers nationwide. Components from these cars have naturally migrated to the aftermarket arm of Roush's multi-faceted company, including some impressive brake packages for Mustangs from '94 to present.

Reflecting the enthusiast's preference for the latest and greatest, Roush offers two front brake upgrades for the S197 Mustang-a 14-inch/four-piston kit, which you've seen on Roush Stage 3 and P51A cars, and a 14-inch/six-piston kit for the guys who are truly over the top. Owners of '94-'04 Mustangs don't have as much variety, but the 14-inch/four-piston front kit for these cars is more than just making do. Either way, with the need to integrate ultra performance with OEM standards and systems, you can count on the fact that Roush engineers have taken the guesswork out of a brake system that works-right out of the box.

Roush Performance
(800) 59-ROUSH

Sample pricing direct from Roush:

  • '05-'09 Mustang: two-piece 14-inch/four-piston front kit, $2,742.23
  • '94-'04 Mustang: 14-inch/four-piston front kit, $2,407.65

This is the 14-inch Saleen front brake system which goes under PN 10-2602-B13524*. The 14-inch setup uses four-piston calipers and one-piece slotted rotors, while the more exotic 15-inch system employs six-piston calipers and two-piece rotors.

One of the best known names in late-model Mustang performance, Saleen has targeted its Mustang brake upgrades on the S197s. Two big front disc kits are offered; both being sourced from Saleen production cars. The 14-inch assembly is most often seen on a variety of Saleen machines, including the S281 and H302, while the 15-inch system is the same you'd get if ponying up for the outrageous Dark Horse or S302 Extreme models. Either way, you get everything you need for some serious slowing power-Saleen emblazoned cal-ipers, slotted rotors, braided steel lines, and mounting hardware.

(800) 888-8945

Sample pricing direct from Saleen:

  • '05-'09 Mustang Saleen 14-inch front kit (10-2602-B13524*), $1,999.99
  • '05-'09 Mustang Saleen 15-inch front kit (00-2602-C13469*), $3,299.99

The Extreme Plus front kit is plain and simply the king of the hill in Shelby Performance Parts' brake lineup. Featuring six-piston monoblock calipers in a variety of colors, along with two-piece 14-inch rotors, it retails for $2,999.99.

Shelby Performance Parts
You could argue that no name is more synonymous with high performance Mustangs, than Shelby-and no doubt you'd be right. Shelby Mustangs were present at the start of the ponycar era, and are back with a vengeance today.

Shelby's braking focus for now is the S197 platform, and the company has proudly teamed with Baer to offer three brake upgrade packages, though Shelby is unique in its ability to offer color coordinated calipers to perfectly compliment your particular combination. The top of the line Extreme Plus front disc system is the same combination installed on Shelby's over the top Super Snake, putting customers in good company indeed!

Shelby Performance Parts
(702) 405-3500

Sample pricing direct from Shelby Performance Parts:

  • '05-'09 Mustang Shelby Pro Plus front kit with two-piece 14-inch/six-piston two-piece calipers, $1,895
  • '05-'09 Mustang Shelby GT Plus front kit with two-piece 14-inch/two-piston pin drive PBR calipers, $1,394.99

Be sure to pick up the October issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords where we'll wrap up our monster brake system buyer's guide with Part 2 of our product listings. Check it out on sale at your favorite newsstand September 1, where you'll find more from the likes of Stainless Steel Brakes Corp, Steeda, Stillen, Vintage Venom, and more. Don't miss it!