Greg Clark
August 1, 2009
Gas hood struts not only look great, but help you while you work on your car and while you're at the local cruise night by eliminating the prop rod that inevitably gets hit or blown away by a gust of wind. And they just look great too!

If you've been around 1979-or-newer Mustangs for any amount of time you've had to work around the prop rod under your hood. It inevitably will be in your way when working on the engine. It's especially troublesome when installing headers or that supercharger. When you're at the local cruise night it also doesn't hold the hood securely during wind gusts, especially with lightweight fiberglass hoods. Or, there's that rare instance when some oblivious spectator hits it accidentally and destroys your paintjob and hood in the process as the rod pops out of place and the hood sandwiches it against your fender.

Classic Design Concepts' Hood Strut Kit (PN 0511-7012-05 for black and 0511-7012-35 in silver) is a great addition for your hood and engine compartment. Not just for the safety factors but also the great look for just $99 (plus shipping). Let's install one and see the results. You'll only need a 10mm socket and 30 minutes or less for this install. So skip lunch and add some styling and safety to your S197.

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