Huw Evans
February 1, 2009
Photos By: Keith Keplinger

Ford Racing/Whipple Industries
Making a name for themselves in the positive-displacement supercharger game is Whipple Industries. This company has developed its own line of blowers in conjunction with Ford Racing. In particular, Whipple has gained notoriety for its '03-'04 Cobra and '07-'09 Shelby GT500 supercharger packages. The latest version of the Ford/Racing Whipple blowers utilizes a W140ax compressor, which in the case of the '03-'04 Cobra application, is able to withstand up to 26 pounds of boost on a modified engine. Ford Racing/Whipple kits are available as direct bolt-ons, utilizing the stock throttle bodies, or can be used with aftermarket units such as those from Accufab and Billet Flow. The FR/Whipple blowers also incorporate a discharge plate designed to evenly distribute the flow of air across the intercooler core as well as a thoroughly engineered bypass system to prevent boost from backing up and causing detonation. These blowers are also designed to work with factory Ford fuel systems and electronics, up to around 13 pounds of boost. Beyond that, you'll need custom tunes, bigger fuel injectors, and a more aggressive fuel delivery setup. At present Ford/Racing Whipple blowers are available in either polished or satin-black finish.

Among the kits currently available are those for the '03-'04 Cobra and '99-'04 Lightning pickup, the '04-'08F-150 trucks for 5.4 and 6.8 V-10 engines, as well as '05-'08 Mustang GTs and '07-'08 Shelby GT500s.
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