Barry Kluczyk
October 1, 2008
A feature unique to the aluminum version, these cross-valley ribs help the block resist bending, which helps keep the heads in place and avoids that devastating front-to-rear block split that's known to befall 302s.

So, if you thought slicing 100 pounds or more from your engine compartment was about as easy as turning down chili fries or mozzarella sticks at lunch, World Products has your diet plan-well, for your car, at least.

World's 10-Degree Heads
Recently released is a new cylinder head from World Products. It's a 10-degree head with a six-bolt-per-cylinder configuration designed for the company's Man o' War blocks. The six-bolt design increases the clamping power of the head bolts for a tighter, blow-proof seal when sending a lot of boost or nitrous through the engine.

And yes, this is a cylinder head designed for racing and suited to big-lift cams and sheetmetal intakes. The tight, 10-degree valve angle is optimized for the airflow capability generated by intake ports that measure up to 285 cc (275cc versions also are available). The heads come with 64cc combustion chambers, and assembled versions are offered with humongous 2.250-inch and 1.625-inch valves.