Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2008

Extra Assistance
While I've built my share of engines, this project wasn't about me going at another small-block. No, it was my son, Kyle, a first-time engine builder like many of you. Before he headed out to the garage, I dropped off several books for him to read, including the very same copy of Tom Monroe's How To Rebuild Your Small-Block Ford that I used some 20-plus years prior on my first engine build-my younger brother's 289 from his '65 Mustang.

Today, with the Internet, DVD manuals, and more, it's even easier to get the information and help you need to build your first engine. So while we just scratched the surface here, I encourage you to seek out more information, then grab that old engine in the corner of your dad's or granddad's shop and show 'em all you can do it, too. We'll have more photos online that we couldn't fit here. Feel free to join our forums and tell us about your first engine-building experience.

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