August 1, 2001

Metal Mask
Metal Mask is a new, super-tough bare-metal-colored chassis coating from RestoMotive Laboratories, makers of world-famous POR-15. You can permanently coat and protect all of those components on your chassis left unpainted at the factory when your vehicle was brand new. Use it on items such as steering boxes, leaf springs, master cylinders, coil springs, and more to keep them looking like brand new, unpainted cast iron or steel. Unlike spray cans of ordinary enamel paint, Metal Mask will not chip, crack, flake, or peel.

For more information, contact RestoMotive Laboratories, Dept. MF, P.O. Box 1235, Morristown, NJ 07962-1235; (800) 457-6715;

Center Of Attention
These new Vintage 50 10-spoke wheels are available in the 16x8 size. Manufactured by Vintage Wheels, these beauties are distributed by Trans Am Racing. To add to the elegance, Trans Am Racing has billet-aluminum center caps. These caps come plain with engraved Cobra or Striking Snake.

For more information about these products and others available, contact Trans Am Racing at (310) 323-5417. or visit the Web at

Take A Hard Line
Classic Tube has everything you need to replace the hard lines on your '64 to '99 Mustang or Shelby. Stainless steel or steel replacement brake, fuel, vacuum, transmission, choke, and distributor lines are always in stock for immediate delivery via UPS. Classic Tube is your one-stop shop for stock replacement or custom Mustang tubing from 1/8- to 5/8-inch OD. All Classic Tube lines are computer-bent for 100 percent accuracy and are available with stainless steel or correct color-coded end fittings. To protect your tubes, gravel guard or spring wrap is installed where necessary, and all tubing is available with metric or standard-size fittings. Custom tubing can be manufactured to your specifications from your pattern.

For complete information on all of the company's tubing products, contact Classic Tube, Dept. MF, 80 Rotech Dr., Lancaster, NY 10486; (800) 882-3711; in New York, call (716) 759-1800;