August 1, 2001

Restore Your Door
Count on the professionals when you need work done on original or used door panels. Gene Painter door panels will restore your original '69 and '70 Shelby door panels in all factory colors. You'll be pleased with the outcome. Gene Painter also offers a huge inventory of door-panel hardware and other interior parts.

For more information, contact Gene Painter Door Panels, Dept. MF, 132 Kingswood Cir., Simpsonville, SC 29681; (864) 297-0342; fax (864) 297-1791.

Cobra R With Bite
Dedication to perfection and lots of mileage, the Cobra R from O.E. Concepts is priced just right. O.E. Concepts understands that in order to get the best-looking Mustang you must work hard, but play even harder. Visit the Web at or call toll-free (877) 525-5697.

The Correct Tire
Expert restorers and car show judges agree that the Firestone Wide Oval is the "correct" original equipment tire for your '60s and '70s musclecar. These authentic 2+2 polyglass tires are available in the famous Sup-R-Belt tread design. Original sidewall options used on the late '60s and early '70s muscle Fords included raised white letters, red lines, and white pinstripes, and they're all available from Coker Tire. Coker Tire currently offers several sizes of original Firestone Wide Oval tubeless tires ranging from D70-14 to F60-15. Call the number below or e-mail at for a free color catalog. For more information, contact Coker Tire, Dept. MF, 1317 Chestnut St., Chattanooga, TN 37402; (800) 251-6336;

Read All About It
Mustangs Unlimited offers a '65 Shelby press kit, a perfect addition to the collection of the Shelby lover. This kit is an exact duplicate, which contains 30 pages of press releases, specification sheets, data, and Shelby organization information. It also includes 16 glossy 8x10 photos. The kit sells for $54.95 and is a must for every Shelby enthusiast; '66 kits are also available.

For more information, contact Mustangs Unlimited at (800) 243-7278 or see them online at

Super Kits
Performance Suspension Technology now offers the Polygraphite Super Kit. Unlike many frontend kits, PST Super Kits have all the components necessary to properly rebuild your front suspension-inner shafts, upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, idler-arm and control-arm bumpers (when equipped). These Super Kits also include Polygraphite(r), a new, superior, graphite-impregnated bushing material that doesn't "give" like OEM-type bushings. The Polygraphite(r) bushings included are upper and lower control-arm bushings, strut-rod bushings (where required), sway-bar bushings (with brackets), and stabilizer links with bushings.

For more information, contact Performance Suspension Technology, Dept. MF, P.O. Box 396, Montville, NJ 07045; (800) 247-2288;