August 1, 2001

How To Get That Look And Feel
It's easy to understand the attraction for the Shelby machines, no matter what vintage it may be. This is something you have to have...but if you can't have the real thing, you want the next best thing.

There are many opportunities to find a happy middle ground. Manufacturers understand the lure of the Shelby, and have made it easier for you to customize your very own car to trace the path of the timeless trendsetter.

If you're looking for a way to make yours a bit more of a tribute to a great car, here's a place to start.

Get The Look
Stencils & Stripes Unlimited offers a complete line of stripes and decal kits for the '65-'70 Shelby Mustang GT. All kits are reproduced from factory-original decals and specifications. Decal kits are available for GT500KR, Shelby GT350, and Shelby GT500. Call or write for details. Catalogs are available for $4.

For more information, contact Stencils & Stripes Unlimited, Dept. MF, 1108 S. Crescent, Park Ridge, IL 60068; (847) 692-6893;

Straight Steering
The most recent addition to the ever-expanding Flaming River Industries line of steering components for Mustang enthusiasts are two steering boxes to cover the classic '65-'66 and '69-'70 Mustang market. These boxes are "all-new" manufactured units and provide better-than-new feel and steering response. These boxes are direct, bolt-in replacements for the originals, with all-new castings, sector gearshaft and internal components. These boxes feature some updating, such as needle bearings for more positive steering inputs and feedback. These classic Mustang steering boxes have been out of production for over 20 years, and no new internal components have been produced since that time. Any boxes for these classic Mustangs have only been rebuilts, and the quality of even the best rebuilt is still no better than that of a 30-year-old unit. The FR1497 box is a direct replacement for the '65-'66 model year with a 1-inch sector shaft and a 45-inch-long steering shaft. The FR1498 box is for '67-'70 models with a 1 1/8-inch sector shaft and a short steering shaft. Both boxes are 16:1 ratio and carry a one-year factory warranty. Additionally, there is a short-steering-shaft version of the 1-inch shaft box for street rod and other custom applications.

For more information, contact Flaming River Industries, Dept. MF, 800 Poertner Dr., Berea, OH 44017; (800) 648-8022;

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C-Clip For You
Moser Engineering offers a wide range of products made for both strip and street applications. Moser Engineering's stock replacement axles are available with C-clip buttons like the factory axles, or with C-clip eliminators for those needing a proven safe setup. These stock replacement axles are available in 28- and 31-spline, and are 25 percent stronger than stock 7.5 and 8.8 axles. Moser Engineering also makes its custom alloy axles for the Mustang. These axles are available only with C-clip eliminators and are 40 percent stronger than factory. Custom alloy axles for 8.8 rears are available in 31- and 33-spline, and the 33-spline axles carry a 10-year limited warranty. Both types of axles are available in any length and have either a four-lug or five-lug bolt pattern.

For more information, contact Moser Engineering, Dept. MF, 102 Performance Dr., Portland, IN 47371; (219) 726-6689;