Michael Johnson Associate Editor
December 1, 2007

Resonate Performance
Obviously we love the new Mustangs, but we love them even more when they're equipped with a more aggressive exhaust tone. Bassani Xhaust is unleashing the pent-up musclecar sound and power with its own '05-to-current Mustang GT axle-back system (from $470), which is a direct replacement for the stock mufflers. Bassani's free-flowing mufflers feature 211/42-inch-diameter tubes and 4x8-inch direct-fit stainless steel mufflers with welded 4-inch rolled-edge, slash-cut polished tips. For an even more aggressive sound, GT owners can upgrade to Bassani's Race Series axle-back muffler system. Be forewarned: Bassani's dual round race mufflers are described as having "high resonance." The race muffler application is only available in the stainless steel Bassani Xhaust level, while direct-fit performance mufflers are offered in the Xhaust and price-conscious BX series. Contact: Bassani Xhaust, Dept. 5.0, 2900 E. La Jolla, Anaheim, CA 92806; (866) 782-3283; www.bassani.com.

Staged Gains
Have you ever heard a cammed-up '05-to-current Mustang GT? It sounds totally wicked. With Blow-By Racing's Stage I or Stage II Three-Valve Mustang GT camshafts (from $695.95), not only will you gain that menacing sound, you'll gain horsepower as well. The Stage I camshafts feature a noticeable idle and a 0.480-inch lift with a 114-degree lobe-separation angle. The Stage II examples boast 0.492-inch lift measurements and a rough idle. Blow-By recommends lower gears for the Stage I cams, but the Stage II examples require a lower gear (4.10-4.30). With both cams, custom tuning is needed to maximize their potential. Contact: Blow-By Racing, Dept. 5.0, 199 NW 28th St., Ste. 1&2, Boca Raton, FL 33431; (561) 417-5555; www.blowbyracing.com.

Covered Muscle
Tinted headlight covers have been around for years, and American Muscle is making sure they don't go out of style anytime soon. The '05-'07 Mustang headlight covers are featured here, but American Muscle has them for Mustangs going back to the '87-'93 Fox era, '94-'98, and '99-and-up cars. Foglight and taillight covers are available as well. These covers are made from a durable composite material with no drilling or vehicle modifications needed. Contact: American Muscle, Dept. 5.0, 2350 Yellow Springs Rd., Malvern, PA 19355; (888) 784-6448; www.americanmuscle.com.

Dude, You're Leaking
When it comes to our Mustangs, we're accustomed to leaks from various mechanical components. To help us out, Permatex's new Spray 'n' Seal leak repair seals in minutes without disassembly or part removal. The leak repair uses a wicking action to form a durable rubber barrier from the outside of the part or assembly. Applications include hoses, oil pans, differentials, transmission pans, thermostat housings, water pumps, valve covers, tubing connections, electrical harness connectors, and plastics. Permatex Spray 'n' Seal leak repair can fill gaps as large as 0.040 inch and works from -65 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees continuous and up to 400 degrees intermittent. Contact: Permatex, Dept. 5.0, 10 Columbus Blvd., Hartford, CT 06106; 87-PERMATEX; www.permatex.com.

Big Thumpr
When you imagine the Mustang of your dreams, thoughts automatically recall a thumping small-block and ponder the direction of your first virtual burnout. Thanks to Comp Cams' new Thumpr camshafts, anyone with a Ford 221-351W engine built between 1969 and 1995 and originally equipped with a flat-tappet valvetrain can make those dreams a reality. While these camshafts are designed for the late 5.0/351W firing order-1-3-7-6-5-4-8-they're compatible with all '63-'95 small-block Ford engines; a simple firing order change is required for early motors. The new Thumpr series camshafts generate excellent power and torque figures, as well as a serious high-performance camshaft sound. Available in three different levels, Thumpr, Mutha' Thumpr, and Big Mutha' Thumpr, these are the ideal camshafts for street/strip Mustangs. Contact: Comp Cams, Dept. 5.0, 3406 Democrat Rd., Memphis, TN 38118; (800) 999-0853; www.compcams.com.

Classic Lines
We hate to use the word "classic" in the same sentence as our beloved Fox Mustangs, but Classic Tube's new '86-'93 5.0 Mustang fuel system tubing might as well have dropped from the heavens. Perfect for 5.0 swaps, or-ahem-restorations, this kit boasts a 51/416-inch fuel line, a 11/44-inch vapor line, and a 11/44-inch return line. These lines are available in pre-bent stainless steel or OE steel with the correct fittings. Over time, original rubber fuel lines can harden, develop cracks, and begin to leak. Classic Tube's lines are exact duplicates of the original parts and are worthy insurance against fuel-system failure. Contact: Classic Tube, Dept. 5.0, 80 Rotech Dr., Lancaster, NY 14086; (800) 882-3711; www.classictube.com.

Pony Strut
Why settle for that bent-coat-hanger hood prop to hold your '94-to-current Mustang's hood open? Wild Pony Motorsports has the same OEM hydraulic hood struts found on more expensive cars, and it offers that look and function for $99.99. This lifetime-guaranteed kit consists of two struts and brackets with all parts either plated or anodized. The kit includes an illustrated six-point installation guide for a simple install, using bolts at all attachment points. Contact: Wild Pony Motorsports, Dept. 5.0, 26943 Ruether Ave., Unit N, Santa Clarita, CA 91351; (661) 424-0878; www.wildponymotorsports.com.