September 1, 2005

In 1995, Trick Flow debuted the much-anticipated Twisted Wedge small-block Ford cylinder head. With a low intro-ductory price and a revolutionary combustion chamber design, the Trick Flow Twisted Wedge head broke new ground. It was like a bomb going off in the 5.0 Mustang world as the level of cylinder head performance offered to the aftermarket performance public took a huge step forward. Ten years later, Trick Flow is back with its next ground-breaking design-a CNC-ported version of its landmark Twisted Wedge head that is sure to give the competition something to worry about while providing small-block Ford junkies a whole new horsepower fix.

The timing of this new release comes as several companies-both established and new-are moving into the high-performance Ford market with competitive cylinder head offerings. We lost count years ago of how many heads one can choose from when it comes time to build your next motor, but there are at least 40 different heads out there. It's no surprise Trick Flow has more competition today than in 1995, but until now it has never offered a factory-ported version.

"The market is driving us to do this head," says Charlie Schmidt, Trick Flow's lead sales representative. "It's gotten to the point that we were forced to offer the CNC port work from the factory. Brodix, Dart, AFR, and Edelbrock all have their version of a CNC-ported head, and we had to offer this head as well."

We first learned about this head at the PRI show, and anxiously awaited its release while we picked up information on final details. Trick Flow worked with its own engineers to design a ported version of the Twisted Wedge that would emphasize mid-lift numbers-already a strong suit with the stock castings. The ported versions include a full port of the intake and exhaust ports as well as a completely worked combustion chamber. The heads will come in 205cc and 185cc versions (stock intake runner volume is 173cc). And the combustion chamber size grows from 61cc to 65 cc.

As tested, Charlie quoted us the flow numbers that were up 7 percent at 0.300, up 14 percent at 0.400, up 17 percent at 0.500, and up 21 percent at 0.600. The heads will come assembled with Ferrera valves (2.02/1.60), ARP studs, rocker plates, and dual springs for cams of up to 0.600-inch lift. We've included our own measured flow numbers, which are right in line with what Trick Flow is claiming. The current trend in the 5.0 hobby is to build even more powerful 5.0 and 5.8 engine combinations than when the first Twisted Wedge head hit the market, and it looks as if these Trick Flow CNC-ported heads will fit right in.

As Charlie tells us regarding the goals of this project, "The customers we are after are the guys who may already have a set of Trick Flow heads and are looking to step up. They're looking to pick up 50-60 more without having to go through the hassle of sending their existing heads out to someone and not knowing what kind of work they'll get in return for their money. Of course, we also want the serious street 5.0 guys who will spend the money up front for a killer set of heads. It's going to be hard to improve on these things."

By the time you read this, Trick Flow will have CNC-ported Twisted Wedge heads on the shelf and ready for delivery, something it believes gives the company a leg up on the competition's lead times. The cost is $1,995, or around $800 more than the base castings. Considering what you get out-of-the-box without the hassle of involving a head porter, we think Trick Flow has made the decision easy for many small-block Ford engine builders. Also in the works are CNC-ported versions of the timeless Trick Flow Street Heat head due out by mid-summer. By SEMA and PRI, look for a killer set of CNC-ported Trick Flow Twisted Wedge R heads ready to bolt onto your favorite race car. It looks as if Trick Flow has stepped up its game, have you?