Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 27, 2015
Photos By: GPS Automotive

Owners of ’71-’73 Mustangs are certainly enjoying the current influx of Mustang reproduction parts. Some say it’s because all of the previous year models already have everything reproduced so the manufacturers are finally moving on to the ’71-’73 models. Well, if you ask owners of ’65-’70 Mustangs we’re sure there are still some parts that need to be reproduced, but we do tend to agree that the majority of the popular parts for ’65-’70 Mustangs are now in your favorite catalog. So yes, it is finally the ’71-’73 owners who are reaping the benefits of the aftermarket/reproduction parts segment, and for that we say it’s about time!

A classic example is the ’71-’73 Mustang power brake booster. Up until now, if your power brake booster failed your only options were to find a remanufactured unit or try to get your original unit rebuilt. As the supply of good rebuildable cores dwindles and shrinks to nil the ability to get the power brake booster repaired and your ’71-’73 Mustang back on the road gets more difficult by the day. Thankfully, these owners have GPS Automotive to look to now for its all new ’71-’73 Mustang power brake booster unit. This is not a remanufactured unit, but an all new stamping/product that is a direct bolt-in replacement.

The GPS Automotive ’71-’73 Mustang brake booster features an adjustable master cylinder pushrod design. The pushrod is pre-set to work with the factory master cylinder, but can be adjusted to facilitate other master cylinder options.
The booster’s firewall mounting configuration is the same as the original so no modifications are needed to bolt this booster in place of your failed OE unit. The adjustable brake pedal pushrod, seen here, allows for easier installation onto your brake pedal arm and can be adjusted to change brake pedal height for driver comfort.

Designed with modern internals for improved reliability, the GPS Automotive ’71-’73 Mustang power brake booster, PN PB0012, features a 9-inch diaphragm housing with factory mounting points/studs, modern design internals with a single diaphragm, and a nice black powder coated finish for $229.95. The booster features an exclusive adjustable brake pedal pushrod that is threaded. This makes installation easier and also allows the user to adjust brake pedal height for driving comfort without effecting brake operation. The booster can also be ordered with a 1-inch bore Ford-style cast iron master cylinder under PN FC0018HK for $299.95.