Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 1, 2000

Step By Step

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The Mustang performance aftermarket shows no sign of slowing down. New go-fast components seem to come out of various R&D departments every day. With these new performance components, Mustang owners continually update their cars to keep pace with the competition. From the Pro 5.0 guy to the street crowd, new go-fast goodies are out there waiting for someone to sign on the dotted line in the name of reduced quarter-mile times and more speed. And when new components are installed, most often the old stuff goes up for sale.

When this happens, you can pick up some real bargains in your quest for more speed. That’s where 5.0 Mustang magazine comes in. We’re going to help you negotiate your way through the swap meets, classifieds, and salvage yards successfully, hopefully without getting ripped off.

Anyone who owns a Mustang is always on the lookout for used parts, that includes us at 5.0. So, the next time you’re searching for some used, go-fast goodies, take this article with you. We’ve got the inside news on everything used. What parts are a sure hit? What used parts should be avoided? What’s a smokin’ deal? What’s going to get your stuff thrown out on the front lawn? Take us with you and you’ll be flyin’ in no-time flat, and you’ll be able to take your better half out to dinner on Friday night. If there’s no drag racing action, that is.

Check out the sidebars below for the details on components.