Jim Smart
October 1, 1999
Photos By: AMK Products

When we disassemble a vintage Ford and begin a restoration project, we wisely catalog every part, storing each one in an old jar or coffee can and carefully documenting the event. This enables us to reassemble the vehicle with some semblance of order, keeping our sanity along the way. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't have to comb the salvage yards for those elusive fasteners that were lost during disassembly, tossed in previous repair efforts, or rusted beyond recognition? AMK Products is here to help with virtually every fastener ever used to hold an old Ford together.

We're building a modified '65 Mustang coupe, affectionately known as Project Ed. Ed is receiving its Ford Motorsport SVO 5.0L EFI GT engine elsewhere in this issue. In this article, we focus on body, chassis, and interior assembly hardware--and how we're going to get there. We called Max Kotlowski at AMK Products and picked his brain about vintage Ford fasteners. Max had solid answers. Then he shipped us enough hardware to completely assemble a '65 Mustang--modified or stock. We'll educate you about these fasteners in the pages ahead.

Body Fastener Facts

When you're tackling a vehicle more than 30 years old, fresh body hardware provides much needed relief for your car, your pocketbook, and your mind. The beauty of fresh body hardware is the time it saves you. There's no time wasted hauling cans of fasteners to the media blaster and plater, and there's no confusion. No sweat.

When you order the body fastener kit from AMK, be specific about your application because it makes a difference. If you're building a GT replica, for example, specify a body fastener kit for a GT.

The Chassis

When it's time for undercarriage assembly, you will be amazed at the stuff under there you probably haven't thought much about. While you were watching late-night "I Love Lucy" reruns and laughing hysterically, Max Kotlowski was hard at work behind the scenes at AMK pulling together an awesome assortment of correct hardware for Mustang undercarriages. With AMK's chassis fastener kit in hand, we went to work.

The name of the game at AMK is accuracy. Where you might expect a "pretty" cad-plated bolt or nut, you may find dull zinc plating for improved corrosion protection (because that's what Ford specified to begin with). This is especially true with chassis parts, which are exposed to corrosion sources like salt, road filth, and physical stress.

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