Mark Gearhart
September 8, 2016
Photos By: Henry De Los Santos

Sometimes when you have too many cars, unfortunately some have to be kicked to the curb. That was the case for our ultra clean New Edge Mustang.

Regardless if your Mustang is parked inside or outside, keeping it covered is the first step in protecting your investment. Buying cheap covers from the local auto parts store is like rubbing your paint with 800 grit sand paper on your car every time it comes on and off. We look at the wide range of quality car covers from Covercraft.

Not all covers are created equal – indoor covers are designed completely differently than one used for outside use. Best part, Covercraft makes custom fit car covers for just about every vehicle on the road. This means that your Mustang will be fitted properly and not look like an overfilled diaper.

Indoor Use Covers

First you might be saying, “Why do I need a car cover inside my garage?” The most obvious reason is to keep dust and debris off the paint but another big factor is dings and scratches. This can be everything from a bicycle to a trash can that could possibly come in contact with your paint. Think about this for a second; one scratch can cost as much as an entire car cover.

The entry level material for indoor use is Covercraft’s Polycotton. The poly portion starts for polyester, which is sun and water resistant, while the cotton is soft the vehicle’s paint. Next there’s the Dustop. Just as the name implies, the Dustop cover is specifically designed to protect your paint against dust. The polypropylene/polyethylene top and middle layers makes this cover almost fully dust proof. Even though this cover has multiple layers it is still lightweight for easy storage.

Stepping up to the middle level is the Fleeced Satin cover. This is Covercraft’s newest material for indoor storage. Just like the other covers, a polyester outer repels dust and a fleeced satin fabric acts like Egyptian cotton for your paint. Covercraft also says that the Fleeced Satin can also serve in limited outdoor use.

If period correct covers are your thing, look no further than Covercraft’s Flannel; Flannel is soft to the touch while offering good protection against dings. However, it’s not the greatest against keeping dust off your ride.

The top-of-the-line indoor cover from Covercraft is their Form-Fit. It’s the tightest fitting, highest quality cover that comes with a bit of weight. Due to how tight the Form-Fit cover actually fits, it’s not recommended for daily drivers and more for vehicles that will be driven occasionally. The sheared cotton fleece is the softest finish with an outer shell that is composed of woven knot polyester with Spandex. Also, this materially is also fully machine washable.

Outdoor Covers

While there are five indoor cover options available, Covercraft options 10 variants. Entry level covers include Block-It 200, Block-It 380, Reflec’tect, and Evolution. Crossing the $200 mark there’s the Noah, Ultra’tect, and then to Covercraft’s popular WeatherShield line. This line has been a staple within the Covercraft brand for over 25 years.

They note, “Covercraft partnered with Nextec Applications, Inc., a technology leader that pioneered a new process for creating performance fabrics used primarily in the outdoor clothing industry. By using precise polymer placement and special chemistries, they were able to place protective finishes inside the fabric, encapsulating the actual woven fibers to transform ordinary fabric into extra-ordinary”

The main difference between the HP and HP 2 lines are the custom color configurations. The WeatherShield HD is premium product in this line and contains a 40% heavier construction that not only helps against dings but ultraviolet rays. It’s designed specifically for intense sun environments and long-term storage. The only downside? WeatherShield HD is not as compact as WeatherShield HP and the heavier fibers aren't as silky-smooth.

Covercraft’s premium outdoor cover is called Sunbrella. Live in a place that gets nothing but direct sun like SoCal, Nevada, o Arizona? This might be the cover for you. Sunbrella® uses a superior fade resistant solution dye production process that saves 1,000 gallons of water for every 1,000 yards of fabric produced.

Saving our Stang

Part number: C16059TT
Details: Covercraft Custom Fit Car Cover: 1999 Ford Mustang GT with two mirror pockets. Block-It 380 series cover
Logo: Mustang & Pony FD11
Options: Reflective Welting, Gust Guard, Lock & Cable Kit, Large Black Tote Bag

While it would be great to house every vehicle inside we unfortunately have to park our 1999 Mustang GT outside. With clean paint, we only trusted our ‘Stang with Covercraft’s Block-It 380 Car Cover.

According to Covercraft, the Block-It 380 features, “A 3-layer cover is designed for cost effective performance. The top layer resists moisture and pollutants. The middle layer filters airborne pollutants such as dust. The inner layer allows the cover to breathe helping keep your cover dry. The film barrier has microscopic holes, smaller than droplets of water (and most dust particles), to stop moisture but still allow any moisture vapor or heat to easily escape from under the cover.”

1. Our New Edge GT is super clean and features a host of performance upgrades, including 2003 OEM Cobra body parts. Unfortunately, with a lack of space, this one has to sit outside.

2. The Block-It 380 is built in three layers. The top layers keep out moisture, dust, and pollutants. The inner layer is breathable to allow the cover to dry if it becomes soaked.

3. The Block-It 380 is double needle stitched at the seams, ensuring that this cover not only keeps our Mustang clean, but is also extremely durable.

4. Anti-scratch plastic eyelets on the bottom of the cover allow us to better secure the car when it’s parked. Not only does this help deter theft, but keeps the cover from turning into a kite during a windstorm.

5. Also the nylon reinforced bottoms keep the cover fitting perfectly.

6. To keep the frustration to a minimum when installing the cover, Covercraft notes which side of the cover needs to face forward.

7. Integrated mirror pockets keep those side view mirrors safe from the elements as well.

8. The back of the cover is sized to fit both wing and wingless Mustangs.

9. Here she sits when we aren’t driving her. The Block-It 380 cover from Covercraft keeps the paint on our Mustang fresh and clean. Removing the cover takes a matter of a few seconds. Since it stays so clean underneath, we rarely need to wash it before it’s time to cruise!