Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 30, 2015
Photos By: Courtesy of Secur

Today just about everyone has a smart phone (or at least a cell phone of some sort) and we often end up with a dead phone battery way before our day ends. Having a charging source on hand is becoming more and more important for everyone. Toss in the fact many phones have a sealed housing and you can’t swap batteries, it exasperates the problem. Having a car charger is certainly handy, but what if you could take that car charger with you into the store or restaurant as a portable charging station to continue charging your phone? Thanks to Secur Products now you can!

The SP-4003 Six-in-One charger plugs into your car’s 12-volt power port or cigarette lighter port to charge the internal battery and provide a 1,000 mAh USB charging port.

Secur Products offers several automotive accessories for highway road warriors and their latest, the SP-4003 Six-in-One Car Charger, is not just your typical 12-volt power port/cigarette lighter to USB charging adapter. The unit features 2,000 mAh power bank inside so you can pull the charger from your 12-volt power port/cigarette lighter and take it with you to continue to charge your phone or other USB-chargeable device on the go.

You’re probably wondering what the whole “six-in-one” means right about this point. Well, besides being a car charger for your USB device and a portable power source as well, the SP-4003 was designed with safety/emergency use in mind. Obvious is the high-power LED flashlight in the end of the unit, but the charger also features a highly visible flashing red LED as well. A little less obvious is the razor-sharp blade hidden in the body of the charger for cutting seatbelts to extricate yourself or others in need after an accident. Even the charger’s tip is designed for use as a glass-breaker, allowing you to break a car window to get out or help someone else out in an emergency. It’s the perfect tool to have in your car for everyday use and to have for an emergency.

The included USB charging cable can be used to charge your phone or other USB device, but it can also be used, by switching ends, to charge the internal power bank via your typical home cell phone charger or via a laptop or desktop computer’s USB port.
The charger can be used as a stand-alone power bank for charging on the go as well. Simply plug your phone or other device into the USB cable and into the USB port on the charger.
The seatbelt cutter makes for quick work extricating yourself or someone else when a jammed seatbelt occurs due to a crash. Simply hook the charger onto the belt and pull it across the belt to cut it.
The tip of the charger is designed as a readily accessible glass breaker for tempered side glass. Simply grasp the charger firmly with the tip exposed as shown and strike the glass to fracture it.