Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
July 8, 2015

Before Mechanix Wear brought to market their work glove way back in the early ‘90s, gearheads who needed gloves to save their hands from abrasion, heat, or grime while working on their racecar had to use either bulky gardening or construction gloves, or surgical-style nylon gloves. The former didn’t allow any “feel” especially when it came to handling small fasteners and they got in the way more than they helped, while the latter offered zero heat or abrasion resistance, and tore just by looking at them. When Mechanix Wear debuted their original glove at the Daytona 500 way back in 1991, it set the mechanical world on fire. Almost overnight, Mechanix Wear gloves were seen everywhere at the racetrack, and that quickly filtered down to home garages worldwide.

Fast forward 24 years later, after the expansion of the product line to include all sorts of different styles of gloves for any motorsports or mechanical function you can think of, and Mechanix Wear has come out with yet another new design, the Specialty Vent Work Glove. This one provides your hands with evaporative cooling on hot days with a breathable mesh back-of-hand design that keeps your hands cooler than the traditional gloves, and with a synthetic leather palm that’s perforated for more airflow. It also has a low-profile top closure and a micro-fleece thumb panel to wipe away sweat, which we really appreciated in our experience with the new gloves. The Specialty Vent glove was developed with professional Supercross and NASCAR mechanics for better breathability in hot and humid conditions. Monster Energy Pro-Circuit Kawaski mechanic Oliver Stone (wait, isn’t he a movie director?) helped with the glove’s development, and said, “The lightweight slim-fit design and high-dexterity palm allows us to pick up the smallest items while giving you the protection and cooling required during the hottest outdoor national races. Hands down, my favorite glove.”

The retail price of the Mechanix Wear Specialty Vent Glove is $27.95, which makes it one of the least expensive tools in your box, but probably the most often used of them all.