New Ford Racing 427 Aluminum Windsor
Douglas Glad Editor-In-Chief
March 6, 2015
Photos By: Ford Racing

Although this is just a blocky press photo from Ford Racing that dropped into our inbox this morning, it pushed us right into a long daydream about a double-black Cobra with white stripes and big meats winding through the canyons on a summer day with…Hey! Taylor Swift is in the car as well. And she loves 8,500 rpm power shifts, so we show her on the way to the Swiss Alps or something.

Wait, where were we? Oh yes, the block is aluminum so it is 87 pounds lighter than the iron Boss 351/427/460 Windsor small blocks you can get from Ford right now. The bore is 4.125 and the stroke is 4.00 inches and this thing is set up for a monster roller cam and large, non-stock type cylinder heads. Everything is forged so you can wing, wing, wing it and not worry about whether or not you forgot to fasten that last rod cap when Taylor Swift called. The Ford guys did it for you!

Eye hustle the specs:

•M-6009-427A 427 Cubic Inch Aluminum Short Block
•Ford Racing aluminum four-bolt main block M-6010-Z351
•SCAT 4.000" stroke forged steel crank
• SCAT forged steel H beam connecting rods with floating piston pin
• Mahle forged pistons with a 1.5 mm/1.5 mm/ 3.0 mm ring package
• The Mahle piston is designed to work with Ford Racing X306-7, Z304, N351, GT-40 and other inline valve Windsor cylinder heads.
•17cc effective dish volume, check piston to valve clearance
• 0.005-inch below piston to deck height nominal
• Hydraulic roller camshaft compatible. Requires aftermarket tie bar hydraulic lifters
• 0.060-inch oil galley restrictors included for solid roller cam applications
• Neutral Balance rotating assembly
• Uses standard Windsor timing cover M-6059-D351
• Standard Windsor oil pan flange
• Recommended cylinder head fasteners M-6065-BOSS head bolts, M-6014-BOSS studs, or M-6014-Z304 studs, depending on application
• Most aftermarket performance cylinder heads are compatible with this short
block. Ford Racing short blocks are built with pistons designed for 20 degree valve angle heads and will fit stock or spread valve guide centerlines.
• Not designed for production 302/351W or M-6049-Y302/Y303/X302/X303/X304/X305 cylinder heads
• Assembled and ready for your heads, cam and timing chain set
• Requires head gaskets M-6051-R351
• Built with ALL NEW PARTS

Contact Information:
Ford Racing Performance Parts