Evan J. Smith
November 14, 2014

Fire Power Plugs

MSD is introducing a line of performance spark plugs. MSD's Iridium Spark Plugs are engineered and designed for high-performance, high-output street engines. The point of interest is the iridium tip and the yttrium copper enhanced ground strap. This combination is designed to handle the higher heat associated with performance engines and high-output ignition systems. The ground strap has also been modeled to expose as much of the flame as possible to create complete combustion. Attention was also given to the proprietary ceramic material of the plug, ensuring that the only path for spark was across the gap—not through the housing, which is typical of inferior plugs.

Web www.msdignition.com
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No Tank Needed

DeatschWerks is excited to officially release the newest member of its world-renowned fuel pump line, the DW350iL. This high-flow, 350-lph fuel pump is DeatschWerks' first externally mounted in-line fuel pump. Flowing 350 lph at 40psi and over 300 lph at 70 psi, it can support over 700 hp. The DW350iL comes with -8 AN ORB female fittings on the inlet and outlet to easily incorporate larger fuel lines, plus an anodized aluminum body, two T-bolt mounting brackets with rubber isolators, and rubber boots to protect the power terminals. All DeatschWerks' fuel pumps come with a 3-year comprehensive warranty.

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Seriously Smooth Shifting

Here are three new Prothane Shifter Bushings Kits for the '11-'13 Ford Mustangs. These matched component kits replace OEM rubber parts with superior urethane bushing inserts. These bushings are designed to provide a firm positive shift action feel and absorb shock and vibration. Kit 6-1613 complete kit, includes bushings and billet bracket. Kit 6-1612 (bushing only) fits OEM or prothane billet bracket. Kit 6-1614 is the Prothane billet bracket only. Prothane also offers suspension bushing kits, motor/transmission mounts, chassis mounts, bumpstops, and driveline couplers.

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Phone 888/PROTHANE

Multidisc Mustang Clutch

Maximum Motorsports is the exclusive source for complete Tilton multidisc clutch kits for late-model Mustangs. Tilton's design advantage is a clutch-and-flywheel assembly whose superlow “moment of inertia” (MOI) quickens acceleration, allows faster shifting, and improves braking and downshifting at corner entry. Multiple 7 1/4-inch-diameter discs greatly increase torque-holding capability over a typical 10 1/4-inch, single-disc Mustang clutch. Two-disc and three-disc installation kits are now available for 5.0L-based pushrod engines in '79-'04 Mustangs. Lightweight flywheels accommodate either internally balanced or externally balanced engines. OEM clutch cable release design is retained. Clutch kits for the Coyote 5.0L engine are under development. Each Maximum Motorsports package includes a disc pack, an aluminum clutch cover, a lightweight flywheel with ARP bolts, a throw-out bearing, an adjustable-height fork pivot, a disc-alignment tool, and an adjustable clutch-pedal stop.

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Kaase Kits

Jon Kaase's latest Boss Nine engine kits rejuvenate Ford 429-460 big-block engines, particularly those with longer stroke displacements. These modern combinations are based on high-nodular cast iron cylinder blocks that accommodate displacements of 429, 460, or 521 ci. The engine's potential extends to 600 cid by using a type 1979 cast-iron block or an aluminum race block. Naturally aspirated streetable output varies from 500 to 1,000 hp; forced induction up to 1,500 hp. Of the displacement options, the most popular Kaase Boss Nine is the 521ci. Operating with a hydraulic roller cam, this engine produces around 770 hp and 730 lb-ft of torque

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Tokico Formally Relaunched

Tokico, a division of Hitachi Automotive Systems America, today formally celebrated the restoration of the brand in North America after an 18-month hiatus of product shipments. After signing an exclusive agreement with Motovicity Distribution in November 2013, the Michigan-based wholesale distributor began the process of reestablishing the importation and marketing of the iconic brand in the U.S. and Canada. While the aftermarket of performance shocks and struts has become cluttered in recent years, Tokico enjoys a cult-like following among street performance builders, including Ford Mustang owners. Tokico's current product lines include: HP, Illumina, HTS, D-Spec, and Trekmaster.

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Solid, Safe Shifting

Blowfish Racing Products recently released the '11-'14 Mustang MT82 Shifter Support Kit. This patent-pending design reconfigures the factory shifter from a semiremote to an integral shifter. In doing so, it eliminates gate lockout up to 8,500 rpm at WOT, firms up shifting precision, and improves the 1-2 synchro “nibble.” It also works with stock and every aftermarket shift improvement device and doubles as an NHRA-legal driveshaft safety loop.

Web www.blowfishracing.com
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EZ Way to Hook Up

Launch harder, reduce wheelhop, and add cornering consistency to your '05-'14 Mustang with these very affordable ($89.95) Lower Control Arms from BMR Suspension. These budget control arms are manufactured from 1x2-inch steel tubing, which increases strength over the stock arms while remaining an economical option for improved handling. The BMR Lower Control Arms (PN TCA032) use 2.0-inch greasable, high-durometer, internally fluted, polyurethane bushings, adding a solid, more responsive feel over the factory rubber bushings. Available in black hammertone or red powdercoated.

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