KJ Jones Brand Manager, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
September 30, 2014

Under a Barrel

For Fox and SN-95/New Edge Mustangs using coilovers in the rear, Maximum Motorsports has developed new and very unique barrel-shaped springs designed to increase the clearance between the spring and the threads on the shock body (a common occurrence for straight coilover springs).The barrel shape also helps increase overall spring travel, which staves off coil binding. The 2 1/4-inch (diameter) barrel springs are available in two rates, (175 lb/in, 11-inch, and 200 lb/in, 10-inch) for solid-axle ’79-’04s.

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Lightning Fast

American Powertrain now offers the perfect gear selector for Ponies equipped with Tremec’s Magnum, TKO, T-56, and T-5 transmissions. The company’s fully adjustable, bolt-in, White Lightning shifter allows drivers to place the handle in more than 60 different positions for a perfect feel, and features a bias spring for improved Second-to-Third shifts and a billet base that promotes smoother, more confident shifting.

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Cooler Crude

Oil is the lifeblood of a Mustang’s engine, and pressure and temperature are the qualities that have the biggest effect on how well oil—and ultimately the engine itself—performs. While oil pressure typically should be high and remain steady, oil is most effective below 200 degrees. To keep these values consistent (cool temperature without pressure loss) for ’79-’93 5.0L engines that experience severe-duty usage (road racing, operating in high ambient temperatures), Mishimoto’s bolt-in oil cooler is a great solution. The cooler is designed for Fox Mustangs and provides a dramatic drop in oil temperature without major pressure loss. The efficiency brought on by this unit helps to extend the life of the oil and a Pony’s engine.

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Footware Fitment

With Mickey Thompson’s new Street Comp fitment tool, you’re a few clicks away from selecting the right Street Comp tire and SC-5 Wheel fitment for your Mustang or other hot Ford, from your computer or mobile device. Simply enter the year, make, and model of the car, and the tool will display your vehicle and fitment selection. Click each image, review specs, and see how each product or combination will look on your ride before you decide. You can even select your Pony’s paint color. Mickey’s Street Comp ultrahigh-performance tire is now available in 22 popular sizes, including specialty sizes for ’Stang owners who prefer staggered rear fitments. The SC-5 Wheel is offered in both 18- and 20-inch sizes in a variety of finishes, including gloss black, matte black, and hyper silver. Dial up www.mickeythompsontires.com/iconfigurator.php on the Web to use the new Street Comp fitment tool.

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Big-Block Bell

Performance Automatic is proud to offer the new SFI Big Block Ford Pro Fit Bellhousing (PA45500), a bolt-on necessity for mating 460s with AODE/4R70W electronic overdrive transmissions. Built from high-grade lightweight steel and hardened to 80,000-psi strength, the Pro Fit bell accommodates the OEM-type flexplates, torque converters, and factory-style starters. And, when coupled with PA’s Smart Pack, the bellhousing is a one-stop package for giving big-block–powered street brawlers the overdrive they need for cruising.

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Blackhawk CAI

We’ve tested this new, wickedly stealth CAI and can honestly report that it’s good enough to add a confirmed (by the Dynojet chassis dyno at GTR High Performance) 10 hp to the rear wheels of our stock ’14 5.0L Mustang GT test mule, without requiring any tuning. The Blackhawk cold-air setup features lightweight aluminum tubing that is cut and shaped to provide proper airflow for Coyote 5.0L engines, and is finished in an awesome-looking black powdercoat, with a black-colored Dryflow filter element and composite air box as well. A complete assortment of hardware and detailed instructions are included for DIY installation, and the intake is backed by K&N’s famous Million Mile Warranty.

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Wired Shut

To protect wires from the high temps, DEI has assembled a one-box kit called Silicone Protect-A-Wire that includes everything necessary for shielding wires from heat (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit), abrasions, and damage caused by chemicals. The kit is highlighted by 25 feet of 3/8-inch, silicone-coated fiberglass sleeve material, and eight consecutively numbered, DEI-labeled tube ends for identifying plug wires

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Magna Tubes

All of our ’11-’14 Mustang GT performance tests have clearly demonstrated both the efficiency and prowess of Ford’s 5.0L Coyote powerplant. The engines make very impressive steam with original components, and we’ve found that the stock exhaust manifolds, while good for the most part, leave a fair amount of power on the proverbial table. MagnaFlow addresses this deficit with its newest set of 49-state-legal (sorry, California) short-tube headers, designed specifically for Coyotes. The stainless steel, ceramic-coated tubes measure 1 3/4 inches and are a direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM manifolds.

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