Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 15, 2014

Keep it Covered

Covering your Mustang to protect it from all manner of Mother Nature's worst is just common sense. From storage protection of the sun's UV rays, preventing light scratches, and more, to keeping your paint pristine when taking your Mustang to overnight events, a car cover is just as important as your quick detailer or tire shine. That said, many owners opt for the cheapest cover and don't realize there's very little protection in those products. Now you can have a great fitting cover that will protect your pride and joy from EmpireCovers. Their new American Armor car cover features a UV resistant DuPont Tyvek top layer with a microfiber inner lining to protect your paint. The American Armor cover is completely waterproof, yet breathable, and features an impressive 10-year warranty and is made in the USA. Each order includes a storage bag and cover retainers along with free shipping to the lower 48 states. Info: 888/872-6855;

Plug-and-Play Power

If you've ever driven an '05 and up Mustang you've no doubt felt the lack of throttle response provided by the OEM “drive by wire” throttle pedal and the unique driving characteristics of such a design. For those with an '11 and up Mustang (or any Ford product for that matter) you can improve your drive-by-wire throttle response with a simple plug-and-play installation of JMS Chip & Performance's PedalMAX. PedalMAX is easy to install, plugging in-line between the pedal position sensor and vehicle harness at the throttle pedal. The PedalMAX's microprocessor improves throttle reaction and acceleration, reduces turbo lag on EcoBoost applications, and eliminates stalling on GT 500 and GT Mustang models. Info: 601/766-9424;

Re-Fresh Your Ride

Using your Mustang as a daily driver often means gym clothes on the back seat, or perhaps a fast food meal while going through the bank drive-through. Over time odors from such items turn your Mustang into a smelly, stuffy, place to be. Now you can eliminate those odors with Meguiar's new Air Re-Fresher with Odor Eliminating Mist. Not a cover up, but a product that actually eliminates unpleasant odors by finding and neutralizing the odors, even within the A/C system ducts. Simply activate the canister inside an empty car and leave it with the HVAC fan running to circulate the Odor Eliminating Mist throughout the car for 10-15 minutes. Once completed open the all the doors and let the car sit for another 10-15 minutes Each Air Re-Fresher with Odor Eliminating Mist can be used on one car leaving behind an odor free interior along with a fresh new car scent. Info: 800/347-5700;

Join the Dark Side

Give your '05-'14 Mustang some serious styling, attitude, and handling with the new Dark Stainless drift wheels from Latemodel Restoration. The new finish offered on the drift wheels goes with any color, light or dark, and the popular mesh-look of the drift wheel will have your Mustang turning heads while you're turning corners! Offered in 18x9, 18x10, and 19x9.5, Latemodel Restoration makes it easy to get that perfect staggered stance all your Mustang friends have. The Dark Stainless Drift wheel is sold individually or in a wheel and tire kit that's ready to bolt on right out of their boxes—mounted, balanced, and shipped for free! Info: 866/ 507-3786;