Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
June 17, 2014

Handheld Lund

It's probably not as good as having Jon Lund in your Mustang with you to personally tune your car, but Lund Racing's new line of custom flash devices is the next best thing. Lund Racing says its flash devices feature unmatched parameters for data-logging and a cloud-based Stay Tuned update system that is tough to beat. The flash device features Lund's latest Progressive Power Control, which was used on the 2013 King of the Street GT500. The PPC feature makes it possible to set a tune for each successive gear to keep wheelspin at bay, and an SD card, which makes it easier to load and upload tunes. It supports '98-'14 Mustangs.


Street Wheels

Mickey Thompson's Street Comp SC-5 wheel design is now available in a variety of finishes. The OG finish is gloss black with a machined lip, but up-and-comers include flat black, as well as hypersilver with a machined lip. Mickey Thompson says the SC-5 is the perfect complement to the company's Street Comp UHP tire. It's available in 12 popular sizes, covering 17-, 18-, and 20-inch diameters. The SC-5 wheel design is the foundation for Mickey Thompson's Enhanced Stance System.


Completely Fresh

If your 'Stang's transmission needs a redo, Performance Automatic has these performance rebuild kits for the '05-'10 5R55 and '11-'14 6R80 Mustang automatic transmissions. The Max Performance kit is ideal for freshening your existing transmission or upgrading it to the next level of performance. Both model versions come complete with all seals, gaskets, and Raybestos Performance clutches you need to bring your Mustang's transmission back to life. Part number PAKT68700 is the kit you need for a '11-'14 Mustang GT; PN PA27401 is for '05-'10.

The Max Performance kit is ideal for freshening your existing transmission or upgrading it to the next level of performance.


Three Models

Calm down, Beavis, these aren't female models. These are Weld Racing's new street wheels. Weld is making a big push to the street with its line of RT-S Series wheel. The latest RT-S designs are the S75, S76, and S77, available in 15-, 17-, 18-, and 20-inch sizes, with versatility in widths from 4.5- to 18-inch wide. All are available with machined black rotary forged centers.


Coiled Snake

If you want improved handling for your '07-'10 Shelby GT500, check out this Shelby/Eibach Pro coilover kit. This kit includes adjustable front struts and rear shocks, and jounce bumpers. The stainless-steel-bodied coilover spring/damper package allows you to quickly adjust the ride height and corner weight of each individual wheel, giving you suspension and handling flexibility for both street and track driving. This kit was the factory option on '07-'09 Shelby Super Snake models, installed both at the Shelby factory and Shelby modification centers. Note it does require a spring compressor for installation.


In the Loop

Keep your Mustang's driveshaft in the loop with UPR Products' new driveshaft safety loop designed for '11-'14 Mustang GTs, both manual and automatic. The three-piece bolt-in installation makes it quick and easy, and most importantly, you don't have to remove the driveshaft in order to install the loop. The 2-inch-wide loop and brackets are made from 1⁄4-inch steel, zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. It locates within 6 inches of the factory U-joint, making it NHRA-legal. Driveshaft safety loops are required on cars using drag radials and slicks, or any car going 13.99 or faster.


Termi Shifter

Only if your Terminator has a three-speed automatic can it make use of Aerospace Components' new Pro Terminator shifter. This shifter works with forward- or reverse-pattern valvebodies, manual operation or electric solenoids, and can be rpm- or timer-activated. Its compact design weighs only 3 pounds, yet meets both NHRA and IHRA standards. It features a park neutral safety switch, and is available with a switch mounted in the grip for true one-handed operation.


Super Fluid

We don't know if the F in ATI's Super F stands for fluid —maybe it stands for fast. Either way, ATI's new 30-weight Max Duty Super F transmission fluid is a full synthetic, designed to be used in transmisssions behind a large displacement, turbocharged engine, or anyone looking for longer service intervals. Super F is formulated for less thermal breakdown, cooler temps, and better converter lock-up over ATI's standard 20-weight Super F formula. It's also designed to give your transmission quicker, more positive shifts, and longer clutch life. Super F is applicable to many transmission offerings, including Ford C4 and C6 transmissions.


Your Mothers Wax

No matter where you and your Mustang live, environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, dreaded bird droppings, and the like, conspire against your car's finish. Mothers' California Gold Synthetic Paste Wax can bring it back. The ultra-fine polishes bring out your Mustang's gloss, while specially formulated micro-encapsulation polymers form a chemical bond to preserve and protect the shine. If an associate editor can wax his Mustang, you can too. Apply the wax, let it dry to a white film, and use a microfiber towel to remove it. Then step back and admire the shine.


Ooh, That Smell

If your Mustang's interior smells and perhaps looks a little funky, you need to take a gander at Meguiar's new Carpet and Upholstery cleaner. Designed to keep your Mustang's interior smelling fresh and looking great, Megiuar's says this cleaner has best-in-class stain removal capabilities for automotive carpets, upholstery, and floormats. This advanced formula is easy to use, and quickly removes common stains such as coffee, grease, ketchup, and even lipstick. We aren't sure how you get lipstick in the carpet, but no matter—Meguiar's Carpet and Upholstery cleaner can take care of it.


Muscle Oil

No dude, this isn't oil for your muscles. It's Champion's Classic and Muscle High Performance synthetic-blend motor oil, available at Summit Racing. This oil contains high levels of premium ZDDP anti-wear proection for engines running flat-tappet, or high-rpm roller-cammed engines. Perfect for high-pressure valvesprings, Champion says this oil's TVS technology delivers unmatched film strength at high temperatures and better piston ring seal for maximum compression. The oil is available in 10W30 and 20W50 weights.


Main Studs

The basis for any well-built short-block is its main studs, or main bolts. Of course, ARP is the maker of the main studs featured here, designed for Dart SHP short-blocks. ARP's Pro Series studs and bolts are manufactured from 8740 chrome-moly steel and heat-treated to a nominal tensile strength of 200,000 psi. They are centerless ground and thread-rolled after heat-treating, which ARP says adds substantionally to their fatigue resistance. ARP's main stud kit is designed to provide increased clamping force, and help prevent crankshaft flex to keep your bottom end together, not punching a hole in your oil pan.