Mike Johnson
June 27, 2014
Contributers: Mike Johnson

Adjustable Arm
We all wish we could adjust the size of our arms without having to work out, but in this scenario we're talking about BMR Suspension's adjustable upper control arm for '11-'14 Mustangs. The adjustable upper control arm is designed to improve handling, reduce wheelhop, minimize axle rotation, and provide pinion angle adjustability. The control arm is constructed from 1.625-inch DOM tubing using a 11/8-inch CNC-machined adjuster. The arm also uses a heavy-duty 1-inch-diameter spherical bearing, providing zero deflection under load, while retaining bind-free suspension articulation.

Web www.bmrsuspension.com
Phone 813/986-9302

Street Welds
When someone says Weld Racing, many of us still think drag wheels, but the company is making a big push out to the street with its line of RT-S Series wheel. The latest RT-S wheel designs are the S75, S76, and S77. These are available in 15-, 17-, 18-, and 20-inch sizes, with versatility in widths from 4.5-inch to 18-inch wide. All are available with machined, black, rotary-forged centers.

Web www.weldracing.com
Phone 800/788-9353

Raptor Power
BBK Performance wants your Raptor to have more power. If you're reading this magazine, we know you do as well. To that end, BBK offers this cold-air induction kit ($389.99), boasting increased horsepower, torque, and throttle response from your Raptor's 6.2L engine. The cold-air induction kit is available in either chrome or stealthy black to fit the Raptor's rugged disposition.

Web www.bbkperformance.com
Phone 951/296-1771

Pro Stock Fuel
If you have a stock '93 LX hatch, Aeromotive's new fuel pump isn't for you. However, if you have a hungry beast of a Mustang, the A3000 is up to the task. The pump made its debut at the NHRA Gatornationals in several Pro Stock cars, fueling Allen Johnson to victory. Obviously capable of providing a bucketload of fuel, the A3000 is designed to provide a plethora of mounting provisions, enhanced performance, and better pressure control than any fuel pump in its class. The A3000's Modular design also offers a variety of mounting and pressure control options.

Web www.aeromotiveinc.com
Phone 913/647-7300