Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
May 16, 2014

Foxy Fuel

If your Fox Mustang needs more fuel, or if you're working on returning your Fox to the street after an extended hibernation and need new fuel system components, check out Latemodel Restoration's new SVE high-performance fuel-line kit for '87-'93 Mustangs. This kit replaces your damaged, rusted, or non-existent fuel lines with quality, stainless steel, pre-bent tubing, and a high-flow Aeromotive fuel pump. This kit is ideal for V-8 conversions and Coyote-swap cars, as well.


Sultans of Coyote

To provide increased Coyote spark, Performance Distributors (Davis Unified Ignition) introduces its new S.O.S. (Sultans of Spark) ignition coils. Designed for '11-current GTs and Coyote swaps, Performance Distributors tells us the new technology in these coils allows you to open up the plug gap to 0.055-inch, reportedly burning the fuel more completely, which in turn is supposed to increase power and performance. These coils are said to produce 40,000 volts under load, compared to the stock coils' 25,000 volts, according to Performance Distributors. These coils are compatible with flash devices and handheld programmers, and feature thermal epoxy leads to improve heat transfer and vibration resistance. The S.O.S. coils are designed with enhanced windings, and mount in the stock location. The coils' additional energy are designed to produce quicker starting, a smoother idle, and instant throttle response.


Hip Seats

If the donut shop is a regular stop on your morning commute, Corbeau's new Sportline RRB seat needs to be in your future. Unlike many aftermarket seats designed for skinny-jean-wearing Hollister shoppers, the RRB will fit up to a 38-inch waist, and it'll keep you there, too. Corbeau's Sportline series of seats is designed to give you the comfort of a convential Corbeau seat with the lateral support of the company's race offerings. The Sportline RRB seat gives the look and performance of a fixed race seat with the convenience of a reclining seat. These seats combine comfort, style, and support into one design thanks to injection-molded foam, strategically placed bolsters, and harness-belt capability. The Sportline RRB seat is available in a black cloth with a black carbon-fiber vinyl contrast.


Play It Back

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We have loved Auto Meter Ultimate Playback tachs for years, but the company's new Ultimate III and Ultimate DL offerings place the power of more advanced Data Acquisition systems in an affordable, convenient, and compact package. The Ultimate III is 30-percent lighter than the earlier versions, and combines high accuracy, four-stage shift-light control, advanced LED backlighting for improved visibility, reduced electrical system draw, and resistance to vibration and tire shake. The Ultimate III also benefits from a new and improved ARMS (Automatic Recording Memory Start) system for worry-free driver operation, playback data right on the tach itself, or easily download it to DatePro analysis software, which is the same as found on professional Stack Motorsports data acquisition systems. There are many more features to the Ultimate III, and the Ultimate DL utlizes these features, but also provides connections for and the ability to record wideband air/fuel ratio and pressure channel data to further aid in performance tuning.

Ultimate III is 30-percent lighter than the earlier versions...


Strange Caps

To help keep your Mustang's 8.8 rear end together, you need a strong pair of main caps. Fortunately for all of us, Strange Engineering has these billet-aluminum main caps, which are designed with increased rigidity and strength in mind. These main caps are made from 2024-T351 aluminum to reduce deflection, improve gear and bearing life, and increase the overall strength of the OEM 8.8 housing in your Mustang. Each pair of Strange's billet-aluminum main caps is supplied with main cap bolts and detailed instructions for machining.


Gentle Cleaner

We've all used a wheel cleaner only to discover it wasn't meant to be used on our wheels. Those days are in the past thanks to Eagle One's PVD and Aluminum Wheel Cleaner. This Eagle One gentle, pH-balanced wheel cleaner is designed specifically for aluminum and PVD wheels. Eagle One says it's the only wheel cleaner on the market that is manufacturer-recommended. Featuring a thick, clinging foam formula, this product reportedly easily removes dirt, grime, and brake dust. Eagle One put this cleaner through a battery of tests to make sure it performed without risk to your wheels, and to make sure it can be trusted for a gentle, safe, and thorough cleaning.


Spiral Power

AFIS's new spiral-core ignition wire sets are designed to mimic the tight spiral thrown by an NFL quarterback. With a tight spiral, the football will reach its intended target more efficiently. In the same form, AFIS's new ignition wire sets are designed to deliver the most power possible from the distributor or coil to the spark plugs, while still maintaining RFI/EMI suppression qualities. These wires contribute very low resistance, 50 Ohms per foot, AFIS says. In addition, these wire sets feature a jacket that promises to be the best combination of low- and high-temperature performance. The jackets are also designed to be resistant to dielectrical failure, particularly effective against underhood fluids like oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid.


Sensored Hole

Burns Stainless has these oxygen sensor bungs ready to go on your Mustang and help you tune the car's combination to the nth degree. (We resisted any Cornholio references in the title.) Most often, when a oxygen sensor bung needs to be added to an exhaust system, it's for a wideband sensor to help get a full grasp on a Mustang's air/fuel ratio. Dialing in an accurate air/fuel ratio will aid in tuning to make sure your Mustang's combination will continue to put a smile on your face. Burns has bungs in 2- and 3-inch varieties for 18mm sensor applications in 304 stainless steel, and even carries the plugs needed to close up the bung if it's only needed temporarily. The 2- and 3-inch bungs will fit up to a 1⁄4-inch larger or smaller pipe diameters.


Shelby Pipes

Continuing its trend of performance parts, Lethal Performance now has both an H-pipe and an X-shape crossover pipe for '11-'14 Shelby GT500s. Both are 3-inch designs aimed at improving performance and sound. Each is made from mandrel-bent, 3-inch T304 stainless steel, and offers easy bolt-on installation in less than hour. The pipes don't need any welding, but Lethal does say it is best to have the car tuned for the pipes since they are sans catalytic converters. Without a custom tune, these pipes will throw a Check Engine light, along with dumping fuel into the mixture, which will negatively impact performance and power increases.


Licensed Billet

If you'd like to bling up your Mustang's engine compartment, check out AmericanMuscle.com's new line of Modern Billet products. A full line of billet products aimed at dressing up your Mustang is available, and the pieces are even Ford-licensed, as well. Seen here is Modern Billet's washer fluid cap, power steering cap, oil cap, and radiator cap, which are designed for '10-'14 Mustang GTs and wear the red, white, and blue Tri-Bar logo. If you don't own a '10-'14 GT, don't lose hope. Modern Billet items cover other Mustang generations, including Fox Mustangs. Search American Muscle's website for pieces for your favorite Mustang.


Corn Fed

If your Mustang runs on E85 or you're planning on making the switch to corn, you need to take a look at AEM's new center inlet E85 high-flow, in-tank fuel pump for '85-'97 Mustangs. This pump is ideal for both naturally aspirated and forced induction applications, and has proven compatible with ethanol fuels up to E100, methanol fuels up to M100, and all types of gasoline. Each pump is tested to flow 320 lph at 43 psi, and the kit comes with the pump, pre-filter, hose, clamps, and flying lead. Of course, AEM says flow capability depends on fuel hose diameter and electrical voltage to the pump, so make sure the rest of your Mustang's fuel system is up to the task of delivering E85, as well.


Improved Mount

Hey, look, a part for a New Edge Mustang. This is Prothane's new and improved transmisssion crossmember kit for '99-'04 Mustangs. This new kit is designed specifically to make the installation simple. No fabrication is needed to complete the conversion, as this kit is precision-fit to bolt right on. The fully-adjustable feature allows for OEM tolerances, while Prothane's interlocked urethane #6-1605 trans mount is designed to absorb vibration and shock. The crossmember kit is made from heavy gauge, gold-anodized steel.