June 12, 2014

End-All Fuel-All

Aeromotive recently announced the release of its brand-new A3000 fuel pump. This new pump is an upgrade and redesign to one of the popular A2000 pump. It features the same basic design and function as its predecessor but boasts less weight, more flow at pressure, and industry-first modular features and mounting options, like a removable and indexable fuel filter and true diaphragm-controlled bypass regulator. The A3000 received top recognition as the runner-up for the coveted, Best Engineered New Product Award at SEMA 2013. “Anytime you are recognized for an innovative design and for one of your products, it’s a real honor,” said Jared Cox of Aeromotive, one of the leading designers of the A3000.

When mated with the PN 11218 100-micron filter and/or the PN 11217 pressure regulator, you have the ability to independently index those components for a custom installation in your chassis. If you already have a compatible pre-filter or don’t want to utilize a return on the pump, the pump can operate as a standalone featuring a -12 ORB inlet port and -10 ORB outlet port.

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Two-Time Holley

When Holley introduced its all-new Ultra HP carbs just a few years ago, it revolutionized the carburetor world. Simple design, incredible performance, and striking good looks make the Ultra HP line a leader, and now it’s available in two-barrel versions.

It’s offering up a 500-cfm two-barrel in Hard Core Gray (PN 0-4412HB) or polished with black billet (PN 0-4412BK), and they’re even legal for some NASCAR Late Model circuits with more to follow.

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Stiffer Is Faster

Chassis flex is a real problem for classic cars, especially unibody designs like the Mustang. Thankfully, Lambert Street Tech has a solution for ’65-’70 Mustangs and ’66-’69 Fairlanes. Its chassis stiffening system ties the inner fenders together with a Monte Carlo bar, the tower brace ties the shock towers together and to the firewall, and the strut brace ties the two pieces together. And, the system is fully adjustable and is a beautiful addition to any engine bay.

Lambert Street Tech
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Setting the Pace

Pace Performance, previously a leader in Bow Tie performance engines, is offering up 425hp 408ci stroker crate engines. These “ready-to-run” engines ship to your door fully assembled and are backed by a 30-month/50,000-mile parts and labor warranty. They’re available with stamped steel or aluminum Ford Racing valve covers, and all engines feature a polished aluminum single-plane intake, Holley 750-cfm double-pumper, and everything else needed to drop into the engine bay of your classic Mustang or other Ford.

Pricing starts at $5,928.88.

Pace Performance
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Essence of Essex

Essex Mustang is now offering batteries for your classic Mustang, designed specifically for ’64-’73 Mustangs, but are also suitable for other classic Fords. The batteries are shipped empty, with the acid in secure containers. Safety goggles and gloves are included for a safe filling procedure.

Essex Mustang

Fuel Max

Recently, JMS Chip & Performance launched the next evolution of its popular PowerMAX FuelMAX product. The new PowerMAX FuelMAX V2 fuel pump voltage booster features exclusive JMS digital technology and is designed to provide up to an 85 percent increase in fuel delivery. It provides the highest continuous voltage and amperage output without noise, and is available in true 40-amp and 80-amp input fuse configurations.

Another industry first includes the ability to choose how to enable the unit’s voltage-boosting output. Two versions are available; one version activates the device via a built-in internal boost pressure sensor (1-29 psi), and the other activates the boosted output via a ground or a monitored 1- to 5-volt external signal (MAP, TPS, or PPS sensor signal). The new device activation options allow you to choose the device that works best for your specific vehicle installation.

The maximum output voltage range is user selectable (18.5 or 22 volts) and is controlled by a knob in the faceplate, or via the optional in-cabin over-ride control knob that adjusts voltage on the fly. You now have maximum control over the voltage ramp-in and ramp-out rate and depending on model, voltage can be controlled via time or boost pressure or it can be controlled via time or monitored voltage, and it’s easy to setup via simple to use knobs and switches.

JMS Chip & Performance
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