Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
April 10, 2014

Corn on the Carb

As E85 becomes more available at the pump, more people are going to want to take advantage of the performance possible from the cheap alternative to race fuel. Holley’s popular 4150 Ultra HP carburetors are now available with components and calibrations making them ready for ethanol. They’re available in 600-, 650-, 750-, 850-, and 950-cfm offerings, and come in the exclusive Hard Core Gray hard-anodized finish, which is the perfect barrier to ethanol’s corrosive properties. The Ultra HP for E85 features specific metering blocks, a high-flow power valve, 50cc secondary accelerator pumps and secondary jet extensions, plus 0.130-in stainless needle and seats. Its all-aluminum construction will keep weight down, as well.


These Boots

If you need header-friendly spark plug wires, check out Accel’s new Extreme 9000 ceramic wire kits. The Extreme 9000’s ceramic boots are capable of withstanding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Accel has a specific set for ’83-’93 5.0 Mustangs, but the company also has universal-fit sets, as well. These wires have an 8mm Ferro-Spiral core with a 500-ohms/ft resistance rating, which Accel says combines excellent energy delivery to the spark plug with high levels of RFI/EMI suppression. Other features include double silicone jackets and stainless steel spark plug terminals designed for maximum spark energy to your Mustang’s plugs.


Painted Defense

When playing defense in any sport, you want to be painted on the offensive player to keep them from scoring. We were able to see firsthand how 3M’s Paint Defender spray-on paint protection film will protect your Mustang’s finish against rock chips, bugs, sand, and other everyday driving hazards. The difference between 3M’s Paint Defender system and other clear bra products is that this protection film is applied in three easy steps of masking the vehicle, waxing the paint to protect, and spraying the Paint Defender Spray Film onto the car. This system will provide protection for up to a year, and can be removed by hand at any time.


Torque Lightly

When we recently built a Two-Valve engine there were several fasteners with inch-pound torque specs. If you plan on doing any engine work on your Mustang, it’s a good idea to check out this Inch-Pound torque wrench from Summit Racing. These torque wrenches feature a click-style mechanism designed to accurately measure inch-pounds of torque. These wrenchs use a ball-bearing-mounted handle with a slide collar for calibration. Your choice of 25-250 in-lb torque wrench with a 3⁄8-inch socket drive or a 30-200 in-lb wrench with a 1⁄4-inch socket drive.


Form & Function

Cervini’s Auto Designs has always designed aero products with form and function in mind. This new Stalker II hood for ’05-’09 and ’10-’12 Mustangs is no different. This new hood force feeds cool air to your Mustang’s engine compartment, while twin extractor vents expel horsepower-robbing heat from under the hood. The end result, Cervini’s says, is cooler engine temperatures and fresh cool airflow that is designed to translate into more power and performance under all conditions.


Seating Arrangements

If you need new seating arrangements within your Mustang, check out Corbeau’s new RRX design. The RRX is betting on you liking its looks and incredible comfort. Corbeau says it’s the perfect blend of aggressive lateral bolster support, but with the comfort of a daily driver. The RRX features injection-molded foam, strategically-placed bolsters to support you in the right places, and harness belt capability. The Sportline RRX seat is available in a black vinyl with a gray carbon-fiber vinyl contrast. For you large and in charge folks, Corbeau says, as a rule of thumb, the RRX will fit up to a 38-inch waist.


The Shining

To help our Fox Mustangs continue shining the light in dark places, Ron Francis Wiring has this new complete front lighting harness for ‘91-’93 Mustangs (PN FH-083). These harnesses come with everything needed, including factory correct connectors, terminals, and quality crosslink automotive grade wire with high temperature covering. Ron Francis Wiring has taken great care to make sure this harness replicates that of the factory wiring for a worry-free installation.


Ultimate Coating

Dull tires can make your Mustang look neglected, and having freshly coated tires can totally redeem its look. Meguiar’s new Ultimate Black Tire Coating is designed to keep your Mustang’s tires looking anything but dull. It is said to provide a longer lasting coating than traditional tire shines, drying with a deep, black, wet look that will not sling all over the side of the car. Meguiar’s says this new tire coating lasts over a month and creates a water and wear-resistant coating that won’t peel or crack as it ages. Application is easy: simply spray onto a clean, dry tire, and you’re done.


Clean Compartment

To sanitize your Shelby GT500’s engine compartment, check out Moroso’s dual tank designed for ’07-’12 Mustang Shelby GT500s. These tanks are available in two varieties, but the separate tanks are integrated together to look like one. They bolt right in place of the factory coolant and supercharger tanks, and they are oversized to aid in cooling. Fabricated from aluminum, the dual tank may be polished, powdercoated, or left as-is for a race look. They even include a heavy-duty mounting bracket, and they can be packed with ice to help your Shelby make heavy-duty horsepower on the dyno or at the track.


Catch This

UPR Products’ new catch cans for ’11-’14 Mustangs features a 7-ounce billet aluminum can. The cans firmly attach to the shock tower, adding rigidity and durability. These catch cans use nickel fittings and genuine Ford connectors, which snap in place on the valve cover and intake. These cans are available in a satin, black or polished finished, while the products’ black braided lines are available with either satin, polished, or gold billet aluminum ends.


Zone Mom

Mothers’ new M-Tech line of products is available exclusively at AutoZone stores. The M-Tech line includes a wash, a synthetic wax, a spray wax, an instant detailer, a protectant, and a tire shine. Safe to say, Mothers M-Tech line has your Mustang’s care covered from bumper-to-bumper, whether it be a full wash or a quick detail before hitting the streets.


FRT Injectors

If you need fast-reaction fuel injectors for your Mustang, and who doesn’t, check out AFIS’ new FRT injectors. These FRT injectors suit high-performance street cars and racing cars as diverse as Pro Mod to Sport Compacts. AFIS says the major advantage to these injectors is their reaction time, and says their superiority lies in the introduction of a new electronic solenoid within the injector body that controls the pintel. The diminutive pintel receives its signal from the ECU and by opening and closing faster the FRT injector delivers a crisper, more precise and better atomized charge of fuel. Precise fuel discharge, AFIS says, improves the engine’s throttle response and its economy, but above all, increases its power.