Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
April 1, 2014

Jet Transfer

Our friends at Summit Racing carry a lot of Mustang performance parts. The mail-order giant has expanded its Ford Racing Performance Parts offerings with Cobra Jet suspension components. Shown here is Ford Racing's Cobra Jet damper kit (PN FMS-M-18000-CJ) that is designed to work in concert with Ford Racing's Cobra Jet spring kit (FMS-M-5300-Q), which Summit also carries. Engineered and designed for Ford Racing's Cobra Jet drag-racing program, these packages will work on your '05-'14 Mustang to help you realize quicker elapsed times at the dragstrip.


Halo Affect

If you want to add a custom touch to the front of your '13-'14 Mustang GT, check out a pair of Raxiom Smoked CCFL Halo Foglights. These smoked foglights feature an integrated CCFL accent Halo ring, which adds an intimidating appearance to your Mustang. They reuse the factory LED bulbs and install in the factory location using the factory wiring and mounting brackets. The CCFL Halo Accents include two wires that connect into the factory parking lamps. They are approved for street use by the Department of Transportation.


Special Seats

Adding seats to a Mustang is usually one of the last things on our list. However, once we reach that level, it's as agonizing a decision as choosing new wheels. Corbeau is here to make that decision pretty easy. Its Sportline RRS offering is designed to combine all that is excellent in automotive seating into one work of genius. The Sportline RRS features injection-molded foam, strategically placed bolsters for support, and harness belt capability. In case you are concerned, and we know you are, the RRS is designed to fit those of us with up to a 38-inch waist.


Cool Rear

JLT Performance spends a lot of time on the road course, and one product derived from track testing is its new '05-'14 Mustang rear axle expansion tank. During racing, the rearend fluid heats up and expands; combine that with hard cornering, and it can spit fluid out the factory breather and all over the track. Thanks to the JLT expansion tank, the fluid simply flows up into the tank, and then back down into the rearend when it cools. It was designed by JLT on its '13 GT Track Pack car, and features a TIG-welded tank, CNC-machined fittings, and oil-rated push-lock hose. This product will not work on Shelby GT500s equipped with the optional rearend cooler.


Power Fuel

When it comes to fuel system components, it's a smart idea to buy products from one company. DeatschWerks' Power Packages are a great start to that premise. These Power Packages include fuel injectors and in-tank fuel pumps that have been specifically matched to complement each other's performance. When buying these packages, it's almost like getting the fuel pump for free. Hellion Power Systems has begun using DeatschWerks for its fuel system needs, so you know the company has what you need for your Mustang.


Beat The Heat

Your author just wishes someone would beat the Miami Heat. Oh wait, Cervini's Auto Designs new heat extractor hood for '10-'12 Mustangs is designed to keep the heat out of your Mustang's engine compartment. After all, heat is the enemy of horsepower, so the easier you release hot underhood air, the more power your Mustang can make. This heat-extractor hood cools underhood temps that normally soak your Mustang's engine by evacuating power-robbing heat. See, we're not the only one that doesn't like the heat.


Easy Action

During teardowns and reinstallations, Earl's Quick Connect Adapter Fittings come in handy. When running factory fuel rails in a performance application, these fittings make life easier. They connect to Ford fuel lines and provide a secure connection to -6 and -8 AN fittings. The adapters use dual O-ring seals with an OE-style, steel, inner snap-ring retainer that clicks to the original lines. Earl's includes a factory-style internal retainer, along with an external retaining clip to provide safety and peace of mind.


Adjustable Rear

Everyone loves improving handling with suspension upgrades. Steeda Autosports has been a champion of this cause since the Fox days. The company hasn't stopped, either. Its latest upgrade is a Panhard bar improved over the previous offering in that it allows for easy adjustability using a central CNC-machined, chrome-moly-steel adjuster and CNC, chrome-moly threaded inserts. Just like with the original, though, you still get the great fitment for which Steeda is known. This bar is 40-percent lighter than its stock replacement, and is designed to provide the ability to adjust rearend offset. Steeda recommends it for lowered Mustangs, and let's face it, what Mustang isn't lowered?


Power Partners

Trick Flow and Stainless Works came together to design a full line of long-tube headers for '11-'13 Mustang GTs. Made in the USA from 304L stainless steel, these fully TIG-welded headers feature CNC-mandrel-bent tubing for maximum flow, and 3⁄8-inch flanges for a leak-free fit. These headers are also available for '96-'02 GTs and '05-'10 GTs, and a '79-'93 Mustang turbo header design is available, as well.


Bumpin' And Steerin'

Simply put, a bumpsteer kit is designed to keep the tire's full tread in contact with the pavement when going over bumps. This is important on the street, but especially in competition. Kenny Brown Performance offers these bumpsteer tie-rod ends designed for '05-'14 Mustangs, including Boss 302s and Shelby GT500s. The kit includes both left- and right-side outer tie-rod ends, and features longer ball studs that correct the tie-rod angle for optimized geometry and positive steering input. It also features a forged-steel ball stud and housing with upgraded high-temp dust boots and grease fittings.


Complete Seal

If there ever was a product aimed at Editor Turner, it's this one. CarCapsule is an inflatable bubble designed to completely seal and protect your Mustang from dings, dirt, dust, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and maybe best of all, pests. Seen here with Hillbank USA's Grabber Blue GT, CarCapsule is available in indoor and outdoor versions. Inflation of the CarCapsule is maintained by a high-pressure fan providing continuous airflow to keep the vehicle dry and prevent condensation.


'Glide Along

Many of our favorite Mustang drag racers rely on a Powerglide transmission to get them from point A to point B in the fastest manner possible. ATI Performance Products wants to help them achieve that goal. They offer these new bolt-together, 1.64 and 1.66, high-horsepower Powerglide gear sets. Boasting straight-cut, Vasco gears these sets are designed to accept OEM Powerglide 19-spline input shafts and have an OEM-sized Powerglide output shaft. ATI says case machining is not needed. These gear sets accept up to five OEM-sized reverse clutches, and no other special parts are needed for installation.