April 14, 2014

No Streaking

Most quick detailer/spray waxes are only to be used after you've dried your Mustang, or for a quick clean-up at a show or cruise. Eagle One's Wax-As-U-Dry, however, can be used on wet or dry surfaces, with a patented formula that actually mixes with water. Simply spray on your wet Mustang and wipe dry for long-lasting protection and shine. The product requires no buffing and it's designed to not haze, streak or leave residue— even on moldings. Featuring carnauba wax, Wax-As-U-Dry is designed to provide a protective barrier on your ride's paint that lasts for months. Anti-corrosion additives are designed to protect the car's finish from acid rain, salt and rust. Info: (800) 832-6825; www.eagleone.com.

Whoa Shelby

Speed and horsepower are great. However, when it comes time to bring the speed and horsepower to a halt, you need your car's braking package to match that of what's under the hood. Shelby Performance Parts' new 14-inch Brembo front rotors are designed to match the whoa with the go. With a curved vane, directional drilled and slotted zinc coated surface, this rotor upgrade is designed to seriously improve the stopping power and reduce the heat of any '05-'12 Shelby or Mustang equipped with Brembo calipers, including Ford's '12-'13 Boss 302. The rotors feature a lightweight two-piece design and utilize NAS stainless steel hardware. Info: (702) 405-3500; www.shelbyperformanceparts.com.

Back to the FR500

The single most difficult accessory to decide on for your Mustang is wheels. Latemodel Restoration is here to help you decide on your next choice of wheels for your '05-'14 Mustang. These are the same SVE FR500 wheels we've been adding to our Fox, SN95, and New Edge Mustangs for years. Now Latemodel Restoration has them for '05-'14 Mustangs in a sweet 20-inch design, and in a staggered 20x8.5/20x10 fitment. You can get them ready to add to your Mustang as part of their new '05-'14 SVE 20-inch FR500 wheel and tire kit. These wheels feature one-piece cast aluminum construction and are available in three popular black finishes, including black chrome, gloss black, and matte black. Kits come wrapped in Nitto tires and feature free Nitrogen fill and free shipping. Info: (866) 507-3786; www.latemodelrestoration.com.

Early Performance

Yes, we like to cruise around in our classic Mustang, but we also want the car to perform when the urge strikes. Scott Drake is here to help with its new line of high pressure, gas charged, performance shocks for '64-'70 Mustangs. Scott Drake says the shocks are equal to other name brand high pressure gas shocks, but offered at a significantly lower price. These shocks feature a performance tuned mono tube design made with quality rubber bushings for long life and locking nuts for a simple and secure installation. These shocks are best suited for drivers looking for a sporty ride with improved stability and handling. Info: (800) 999-0289; www.scottdrake.com.

Billet Hinges

Let's face it, the factory '65-'68 trunk hinge arrangement isn't the greatest, especially at this point in the game. To make things easier on you, check out Ringbrothers' new billet trunk hinges (from $485). Each set is designed with attention to detail in mind, and meant to be a direct replacement for the stock hinges. These billet hinges are machined from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum for an impressive look and a solid feel. Ringbrothers trunk hinges are available in both solid and air frame configurations and Natural Machine or Black Anodized finishes. Both models are designed for fiberglass or steel deck lids with an integrated gas strut to hold the lid up, and no modifications are necessary for installation. Info: (608) 588-7399; www.ringbrothers.com.