Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
February 14, 2014

Big & Short

Last month we brought news of Ford Racing’s new Z460 crate engine (PN M-6009-460). If you want to outfit it with your own top-end components, here’s the short-block version. The Z460 short-block is based on a 351 small-block Ford with a 4.150-inch bore and 4.250-inch stroke. Starting with a 9.5-inch-deck Boss block, Ford Racing adds a Scat forged crank and H-beam rods, Mahle forged pistons, and Clevite bearings. The rotating assembly is neutral balanced, and ready for a hydraulic-roller camshaft and the top-end components of your choice.


New Twist

If you need new cylinder heads for your pushrod combination, Trick Flow’s new Twisted Wedge 11R is a viable option. The 11R is a direct replacement for the original Twisted Wedge head, but with a revised intake valve angle to 11 degrees, with a 13-degree exhaust valve angle. This head works with all Twisted Wedge-specific pistons, and still boasts the Twisted Wedge-spec, exclusive valve layout and combustion chamber arrangemen; high-strength castings; exceptional cooling characteristics; and excellent airflow. The Twisted Wedge 11R is available with a 190cc, or 205cc intake runner, and with either a CNC Street or CNC Competition port design.


Polished Rear

If you want your Mustang’s rearend to look as good as it works, check out Strange Engineering’s polished, 9-inch, aluminum case and chrome-moly pinion yoke. Each case and pinion support is hand-polished, then ceramic-coated to protect the surface against dulling and oxidation. The Strange 9-inch, forged, chrome-moly pinion yokes are available with a chromed finish to complete the show-quality look. Whether your Mustang is built for show, go, or both, Strange Engineering’s polished-aluminum case and chrome-moly pinion yoke is ready for action.


Table Summit

Sometimes you just need a sturdy table out in the shop or at the race. Summit Racing has this Nomad Economy Welding Table ideal for on-site and home-garage use. This table has two lower casters to make it portable, and retractable guiderails on two sides can be used as fences, guides, stops, or clamping edges. The table features three slots in the tabletop for use with clamps, and it can be adjusted from 26 to 32 inches, and in a horizontal, 30-degree, and folded position.


To The Street

When we think of Weld Racing, we think of drag wheels, and we’re sure you have the same thought. Weld is changing that with its new GTS line of premium sports car wheels. Weld’s Speed-10 and Riverside wheels are designed for ultra-high-performance cars, following a design concept to reduce the number of bolts for a clean look and lighter weight. These new wheel designs are made from the highest quality forgings we’ve come to expect from Weld Racing, and feature cold forging rim shells with titanium hardware. Weld says the Riverside and Speed-10 are ideal for the latest Shelby GT500, and are available with black or brushed aluminum rim shells and grey centers.


Updated Louvers

It seems that updating your current Mustang to the look of a newer design is still a popular theme. AmericanMuscle is a champion of updating with these new MMD hood-vent louvers. These are designed to give your ’05-’09 Mustang the look of a ’13-’14 model. The vents are fully functional and extract heat from the engine area. They are made of ABS plastic, and even though you have to cut the stock hood, a template is included to make sure you get it right.


Pulley Power

Does your ’13-’14 Shelby GT500 need more power? Of course it does! Check out JMS Chip and Performance’s new 2.40-inch, steel supercharger pulley, capable of providing 2-3 extra pounds of boost. Designed to match factory specifications, this pulley installs in place of the factory supercharger pulley, is made from high-strength steel alloy, and is compatible with the factory belt tensioners. The JMS pulley features a durable, black powdercoated finish that’s designed to last. JMS says when this pulley is matched with a JMS custom tune, your Shelby GT500 could have an extra 80 horsepower at its feet. If you plan to swap this pulley yourself, JMS offers a supercharger pulley removal and installation tool to enable you to make the swap at home using handtools.


Fiber Fix

If your Mustang suffers from a lack of fiber, Seibon Carbon can fix that with this GT-style carbon fiber hood for ’10-’11 Mustangs and Shelby GT500s. Seibon’s GT hood is made from high-quality carbon fiber, and the company says its “advanced production process allows exceptional carbon/resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that also leads to extra strength.” The GT hood features a heat release vent as well, to give it functionality, so it’s not just a pretty face.


Outta Here

For the Mustang enthusiasts saddled with a front license plate mandate, Big Mike’s Performance Parts new Sto ’N Sho for ’05-’14 Mustangs is exactly what you’ve been seeking. The Sto ’N Sho is a two-piece detachable front license plate mounting system that enables you to hide that ugly tag at shows or events. The Sto ’N Sho is made from aluminum so you don’t need to worry about extra weight. It also installs in minutes, and allows you to easily remove the front tag to show off your Mustang’s front end.


Shine Time

Mothers recently introduced a bevy of new products, including a Back-to-Black heavy duty trim cleaner kit, and a trim and plastic restorer, which definitely applies to the Mustang market. Mothers NuLens headlight renewal kit is designed to restore all types of smooth, shiny plastic and acrylic headlights, creating crystal clarity. Then Mothers returned to its roots with a new California Gold synthetic paste wax to provide depth, shine, and protection to your Mustang’s paint. Finally, Mothers new Glass+ Surface cleaner is designed to quickly remove dirt, grime, oily film, and fingerprints from virtually any surface.


Platinum Replica

The toughest aspect of modifying your Mustang is which wheel to add. Wheel Replicas would like you to check out its new ZR Downforce Concave wheel for ’05-’14 Mustangs. Available in 20x81⁄2-inch and 20x10-inch sizes, Wheel Replicas says this new wheel is lightweight and it will clear Brembo brakes, as well. The ZR Downforce comes in matte black, matte graphite, and platinum (shown). Wheel packages start at $749, but Wheel Replicas can also set you up with a wheel and tire combination to make it really easy.


Complete Stalker

Don’t worry, this is the good kind of complete Stalker, it’s Cervini’s Auto Designs new ’13-’14 Mustang Stalker body kit. The Cervini’s Stalker kit comes with a Ram Air/Extractor vented hood, billet upper grille and lower grille, window scoops, side skirts, rear valance, and rear wing. The grilles are available black or brushed aluminum, while the Ram Air/Extractor hood is designed to both bring in cool air to the engine, and extract heat from the engine compartment. Cervini’s says the Stalker kit will “calm and guide the harsh airstream around you.” The Stalker hood and rear wing can be substituted in favor of other Cervini’s designs to create your own personal Stalker kit.