Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
February 11, 2014

Axles And Spool

If you take your Mustang to the track enough, you are going to break an axle sooner or later. Once you get that out of the way, you'll be able to call up Strange Engineering and order its 35-spline axle and spool package (from $528.70) for 8.8 rearends. Or you can do a pre-emptive strike and get one now. The S-series 35-spline axles are forged from SAE 1550 modified steel, and when combined with a deeper heat-treat that is designed to increase torsional strength, they're able to handle your Mustang's power and torque. The package also includes a Strange lightweight, Pro Race, chrome-moly spool; C-clip eliminators or axle bearings; and your choice of 1⁄2-inch or 5⁄8-inch studs.


Dominating Effort

Holley Performance Products' Dominator carburetor has been around since 1969 when it was developed for NASCAR. These days, the Gen 3 Ultra Dominator features an all new main body, all new calibrations, high-capacity fuel bowls, and larger sizes. The Gen 3 Ultra is available in a variety of sizes, including 950, 1,350, 1,425, and 1,475 cfm. The standard Dominator is also still available in 1,050, 1,150, and 1,250 cfm. The Gen 3 Ultra is 5⁄16-inch taller than the previous generation, which allows for larger radius air entries that have been optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics software. The new calibration is optimized for today's larger engines and newest fuels, while the new body also features a throttle position sensor mount, and a sensor is available separately.


Steel Or Aluminum

Paul Lee, owner of McLeod Racing and NHRA funny car driver, should know a thing or 12 about clutches. McLeod's new SFI-approved, billet steel and aluminum flywheels for '10-'14 Mustang Shelby GT500s feature a stock clutch pattern and a pattern for McLeod's RXT twin-disc clutch. The steel flywheel is made from billet alloy for incredible strength, with a 1045 hardened-steel ring gear for long life. It's designed for street applications needing the added inertia only a steel flywheel can offer. The aluminum version is made from 6061-T6 for the body of the flywheel, while the friction plates are all Blanchard-ground and stress-relieved. The Blanchard grinding gives the clutch disc a much better surface to bite into. This stress-relieving procedure eliminates the potential for warpage.


Super Damper

ATI Performance's new Super Damper should wear a cape since it's designed for Ford's current supercar, the Shelby GT500. The 7.81-inch damper application is a direct replacement for the stock OEM unit, and features a 10-rib, 10-percent overdriven supercharger drive on the outer shell, as well as a removable OEM-size, six-rib accessory pulley. ATI's Super Damper is designed to provide balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations through all rpm ranges, and exceed SFI 18.1 Safety Certification for competition use. As with all ATI dampers, this GT500 Super Damper is fully rebuildable and tunable.


Relocation Plan

If you own a Fox or pushrod powered SN-95, no doubt you've been bitten by the bad TFI module bug. What happens is heat breaks it down, causing your Mustang to have a crank, no start issue until it cools down. Fatfoxx has the fix with its TFI relocation kit. This kit enables you to relocate the TFI module to a cooler place within the engine compartment. The standard kit is a 9-foot, 6-inch relocation kit (from $52), while the upgrade is a 12-foot kit ($85) capable of mounting your Mustang's TFI module up by the hood latch, where it'll stay cooler than Tech Editor Jones wearing a 5.0&SF bucket hat.


Hour Power

The boys at Power By the Hour are at it again. They know the Cobra Jet intake makes power on '11-current GTs and Bosses, so they designed and built a cold-air induction for the combination. The CAI comes with a 41⁄2-inch intake pipe with a mass air flange, PCV bung, heatshield, S&B filter, a silicone coupler, and all installation hardware. The pipe is powdercoated in a satin-black finish. The kit requires a custom tune, but Power By the Hour reports 500-plus horsepower at the wheels on modified Coyote- and Roadrunner-equipped Mustangs.


Top Shelf

We've seen plenty of '05-'09 Mustang door panels coming apart at the seams, discolored, and peeling. Predator Mustang has the fix to bring them back to life with its 12-piece, $399 door-panel kit, which is made from form-fitting ABS, is easy to install, and is available in a variety of finishes. The kit will breathe new life into your Mustang's interior, and if you so choose, bring a custom touch to the inside as well.


Stay Cool

From the heart of NASCAR country comes a product designed to keep your Mustang's underhood temps at a bearable level. With turbo applications, heat is the enemy of everything around the turbo and its piping. Performance Plus Connection's new Titanium-Plus Vulcan Dual Tone Ultra Exhaust Wrap is an insulating wrap designed to give you a custom look, while reducing heat and increasing horsepower. The wrap is 2 inches wide, available in a variety of rolls, is 1⁄16-inch-thick, and capable of withstanding 2,000-degrees continuous and 3,000-degrees intermittent. It's said to be 25-percent stronger than fiberglass wraps, and is intended for headers, turbos, and turbo downpipes.


Fuel Sipping

No one buys a Mustang for its fuel economy—we buy them to have a fun, fast car. However, that's not to say we don't want the best possible fuel economy at the same time. Fitch's Fuel Catalyst is designed to transform pump gas into a superior fuel, allowing your Mustang's engine to extract the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is an inline fuel treatment said to reformulate and resuscitate fuel molecules of gasoline, and other fuels, to supplement the refining process. The idea is that gasoline and diesel is at its most optimal quality when it's first refined, but during storage and transportation, the fuel quality diminishes. Sacrificed horsepower, torque, and efficiency, is said be the result of this poorer fuel quality. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is designed to boost octane in gasoline, increase cetane in diesel, and re-refine the fuel quality, returning it to a superior refinery-fresh state.


Big Small-Block

Ford Racing's new Z460 crate engine gets its size from a Boss 9.5-inch block bored to 4.150-inch with a 4.25-inch stroker crank. What's more, both the crank and rods are from Scat, with Mahle forged pistons and Clevite bearings. To this foundation is added Ford Racing's high-port/high-flow Z-heads featuring 2.02/1.60 valves, 1.65:1 roller rockers, and cast-aluminum valve covers. The 10.0:1 compression engine arrives at your door with a SFI-approved damper, a steel front or rear sump oil pan, a standard-rotation water pump, and a hydraulic-roller cam. The engine is rated at 575 hp and 575 lb-ft of torque, with those numbers coming courtesy of an Edelbrock Super Victor intake with a Holley 850-cfm carburetor.


Modern Trim

The center stack has been home to billet and chrome upgrades since the Fox era. AmericanMuscle.com continues that trend for '05-'14 Mustangs with a full line of chrome and satin radio and HVAC control-knob covers. These knob covers and bezels aren't compatible with '10-'14 models equipped with navigation, but they present an easy and inexpensive way to dress up your Mustang's interior.


Stop Shaking

Most threadlockers come in a tube, but STS/Tectorius' Vibra-Stop thread locker, sealant, and anti-vibration compound comes in an aerosol spray. Vibra-Stop reportedly eliminates curing limitations and instability barriers, while further extending the capabilities of the product. Using Vibra-Stop, coated pieces can be removed and reused multiple times, and installation can occur either immediately or at a later date. The formula is said to be effective on metallic and non-metallic surfaces, and works on both threaded and non-threaded fasteners.