February 19, 2014

Dominator 438ci Crate Engine

Dubbed as a "perfect all around motor," Coast High Performance's new Ford 438ci Windsor Big Bore comes ready to deliver 650 hp. With power adders, however, CHP says this engine is easily capable of handling more than 1,200 horsepower.

CHP says the 4.125-inch bore unshrouds the big 2.100-inch valves that come in the new AFR Renegade 220cc heads, which allows the heads to flow better and produce more horsepower. The rotating assembly features Probe SRS Pistons, lightweight I-Beam rods, and a forged 4340 crank all nestled in a Dart block. Topping the AFR heads are Probe shaft-mount rockers, and an Edelbrock intake manifold. CHP uses one of Comp's Xtreme Energy camshaft profiles, and offers the engine in carbureted or fuel injected forms.

Coast High Performance
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Bringing together its racing and passenger car technologies, Continental Tire has developed a racing enthusiast's tire for performance vehicles. The ContiForceContact was developed at the world famous Nürburgring and engineered for performance on the track. At the same time, this tire is DOT-approved for street use to travel to and from the track.

"We're happy to bring our racing and passenger car technologies together to give our enthusiasts the tire they've been asking for, ContiForceContact," said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for Continental Tire. "There's nothing better than a day at the track. And we've constructed a tire that will provide the driving aficionado a great day on-track while getting them to and from the track with confidence."

This ultra-responsive tire's benefits and features include precise handling with a solid center rib and strong macro block shoulders to ensure high steering precision, a Black Chilli compound that contains special grip resins that enhance intermeshing between the tire and the pavement on the microscopic level for outstanding dry grip, wide circumferential grooves in the center, and bi-directional drainage grooves on the inside, efficiently evacuate water to resist hydroplaning, and surface-modified silica that is said to provide enhanced grip on wet surfaces.

The ContiForceContact will be available for purchase exclusively through Tire Rack and is available in 10 sizes ranging from P225/40ZR18 to P325/30ZR19.

Continental Tire

Callies Big-Block Con Rods

Callies Performance Products recently introduced its new Ultra Connecting Rod made specifically for high-horsepower Ford 460 cid engines. These rods are machined with the proper tower offset to match this popular engine, and are initially available in 6.700- and 6.800-inch lengths. Fastened by Ultra bolts from ARP, Ultra Ford BB rods are built for your most severe application.

Callies Performance Products
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Rocket Racing Wheels RPM 7 Wheel Finish

Supercharged drag racers of the '60s and '70s and the wheel industry applied DOW 7 to protect their magnesium wheels. The gold coating, DOW 7, quickly became iconic, but its durability was lacking. Rocket Racing Wheels' scientists have formulated the latest in a custom, durable powdercoated finish called RPM 7.

Every newly purchased Rocket Racing Wheel can now be custom powdercoated with RPM 7 to provide your ride with the iconic mag look of the '60s with today's durability. Custom Finishes are made-to-order and require extra time to complete.

Rocket Racing Wheels
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Matco Tools MSCX Service Cart

The MSCX service cart offers new, functional features and an impressive 16,458 cubic inches of lockable storage capacity with a barn door style door that swings open 270 degrees. The door can be held with magnets, giving users quick and easy access to tools.

The MSCX also features quick-release gas pistons that allow the lid to be laid back in seconds, and the stainless steel lid not only looks great, but doubles as a practical, durable work surface.

Matco Tools
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Phantom Fuel System

With Aeromotive's Phantom fuel system, you can quite simply put an electric fuel pump inside almost any fuel tank. If you're asking yourself why "in-tank" is better, there are two parts to the answer. Part one is vapor-lock or cavitation. In order to avoid these issues, you must either gravity feed your external fuel pump or submerge it in the fuel itself. Gravity feeding your pump can be an expensive and a labor-intensive undertaking, usually requiring weld-on sumps, fuel cells or custom fabricated tanks.

Part two is fuel slosh. No matter what you choose to do with your fuel tank, you must have some sort of baffling to keep fuel at the point of pickup at all times. If you launch hard, brake or make an aggressive turn, fuel sloshes to one side of the tank, uncovering the pick-up and causing the fuel pump to cavitate. This can be eliminated by proper placement of baffles or basket assemblies that control the movement of the fuel.

The Phantom Fuel Systems solve both of these problems without welding or hacking. Just drill a few holes and cut the modular kit to the height of your tank. The Phantom system includes a baffle/basket assembly that controls fuel slosh and an in-tank Aeromotive Stealth fuel pump capable of supporting high horsepower, even at EFI pressures. All this installs right into the top of your stock gas tank in about an hour.

Aeromotive Inc.
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