Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
February 11, 2014

Shelby Performance Parts (SPP), a division of Shelby American, wholly-owned by Carroll Shelby International Inc., just introduced some new performance goodies and apparel for those upcoming track days starting this spring. Serious performance is now available for the 2005-2014 Shelby GT, Mustang GT and the 2007-2011 Shelby GT500.

New to the product lineup: Shelby Eibach Pro Coil Over Kit suspension, Shelby Extreme Duty Heat Exchanger (to keep that supercharged motor cool); and apparel such as Navy Polo Shelby GT shirt, a Shelby Racing Jacket and, last but not least, an authentic Shelby Racing Helmet.

“With racing circuits across the country scheduled to reopen soon, it is the perfect time to prepare for upcoming track days,” said Shelby Performance Parts Vice President Jer Gervasi. “We designed our new products to deliver significant improvements in performance. From our pro coil over suspension kit offering the ultimate in handling, to a heat exchanger that keeps those ponies running cool, Shelby Performance Parts is the one-stop shop for gear-heads and enthusiasts.”

An important factor for better handling is upgrading suspension components. The Shelby Eibach Pro Coil Over suspension kit might just be a favorite for both the track and the street allowing the driver to easily adjust their car to their preferred ride height. The stainless steel-bodied kit includes front and rear shocks as well as shocks and jounce bumpers.

Performance is important and we know that force-fed and supercharged motors omit a ton of heat. Shelby Performance Parts has the solution for keeping the horses cool with the Shelby Extreme Duty Heat Exchanger with dual puller fans. Using a single row NASCAR core with a dual pass system, the heat is significantly reduced for any 2005-2014 Shelby GT or Mustang GT.

Your car plays the part, so it’s your turn to look the part with Shelby’s new gear such as the exclusive SFI-rated Shelby Racing Jacket manufactured by Impact Racing. The jacket is made with high-quality lining and a Nomex outer shell making it durable while offering protection. The stylish Shelby racing logo runs across the back.

Need a helmet? The professional Shelby Racing Helmet is tailored for each order and gives a snug fit. The helmet includes the Shelby logo and striping and is constructed from lightweight Z38 Fiberglass, Carbon and Kevlar composite blend. After it is made, the helmet is painted in rich white or black gloss and finally sprayed with protective clear coat. Each helmet is painted with stripes and the logo to match the driver’s car. We know it gets hot out there on the track, especially when wearing extra padding. This new helmet uses an ingenious vent system that flows air through the chin bar ports and around the interior padding and out through the top and rear vents keeping you cool.

If looking for a new shirt to show off that Shelby pride, check out the Navy Polo Shelby GT shirt from the Carroll Shelby Collection. Made from cotton, the navy blue shirt features the GT logo snake and the Shelby Auto logo on the sleeve. Visit or call 702/405-3500 to check out the new parts available.