February 4, 2014

Hotchkis Bolt-On Mustang Sport Suspension

Hotchkis Sport Suspension's new Total Vehicle System (TVS) for the '64-'66 Mustang is engineered to install easily with basic hand tools, and it was developed to be comfortable enough for the street, but well tuned for track days, autocross events, or your favorite twisty roads.

Laying the foundation for the Mustang's handling package are Hotchkis Sport Coil Springs up front and Sport Leaf Springs in the rear. The front coil springs provide a ½-inch drop with a stiffer 700 lbs/in spring rate, while the rear leaf springs lower the vehicle 1½ inches with 180 lbs/in spring rates. This combination creates a more aggressive stance that lowers the vehicle's center of gravity and improves front-to-rear weight distribution without compromising suspension travel and ride quality.

Most '64-'66 Mustangs came equipped with either no front antisway bar or a skinny single front antisway bar from the factory, which did very little to control the car's pronounced body roll. Working to keep this body roll in check, the upgraded, lightweight Hotchkis 1¼-inch (32mm) 4130 tubular steel front Sport Sway Bar delivers a roll stiffness rate of 740 lbs/in, comes with upgraded bushings and endlinks, and is a direct replacement for the factory bar. The new, adjustable 7⁄8-inch (22mm) DOM tubular steel rear sway bar has three levels of adjustment allowing you to set the rear roll resistance to 230, 280, or 325 lbs/in to match your driving style and tire setup.

Hotchkis also offers optional Hotchkis-Tuned 1.5 SPS Shocks by Fox Racing to complete the package. Systems for '67-'72 Mustangs are set to arrive shortly.

Hotchkis Sport Suspension
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Big-Block Clutch Power

Centerforce now offers its DYAD DS Multi-Disc Clutch for Ford 7.0L 429ci Engines. The DYAD DS, PN 04114880, (Pressure Plate, Disc Set, Floater, Flywheel, and Hardware) is a new multi-disc, bolt-in clutch system with a higher holding capacity.

For drivers that need a clutch that can offer smooth engagement, quiet operation, light pedal, and high-end holding capacity, the DYAD DS offers that and more. Features include a patented ball bearing pressure plate, quiet, positive drive floater, ARP fasteners, and a massive torque capacity of up to 1,300 lb-ft at the flywheel.

(928) 771-8422

Halogen Headlights for Muscle Cars

Halogen headlights are a great performance and safety upgrade, and these lamps from Ground Up utilize modern H4 bulbs and are twice as bright as the original sealed-beam units. The bulbs last much longer and their plug-and-play installation makes installing these a breeze—high beams will work as original, too.

Ground Up's halogen upgrade bulbs are available in both 5.75-inch and 7-inch sizes, and will fit most muscle cars from the '60s all the way up through the '80s. You can get them clear or with a variety of center dot colors.

Ground Up
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Intake Upgrade

The wheel wizards at Boze Forged are always hard at work conjuring up new wheel designs, and their latest is the bold new Intake, which is part of the unique Xclusive series.

This stylish five-spoke wheel is designed for performance and muscle care fitments. Each spoke has an angular shape to accent the design and provide many finish options. Such as, high luster polish, ceramic color, brushed satin two-tones, powdercoated colors and double smoke tints. All wheels are custom-built for each application to fit big brakes, staggered stance, and custom offsets. An assortment of sizes are available: diameters from 17 to 24 inches, and widths from 7 to 15 inches for custom vehicles.

Boze Forged
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Ford Racing's Big Small-Block

Ford Racing's biggest small-block Windsor crate engine ever, the Z460, offers up 575 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 575 lb-ft of torque at 4,700 rpm on pump gas. The Z460 starts with the Ford Racing 9.5-inch-deck Boss block topped off with high port/high flow Ford Racing Z-Heads. To get to the 460 cubic inch displacement, the block is bored to 4.150-inch and a 4.25-inch stroke crank is used.

Premium components are used throughout the engine, like a Scat forged steel crankshaft, Scat forged H-beam connecting rods, forged Mahle pistons and Clevite bearings. Every Ford Racing Z460 engine is hand assembled in the U.S. with performance clearances.

Ford Racing Performance Parts
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Symmetrical Mirror Image Turbos

Nelson Racing Engines (NRE) now offers its new patented Symmetrical Mirror Image Turbochargers. NRE's goal is to bring this symmetry to the design of the twin turbo engine, and the company's new Mirror Turbos, which are shipped in pairs, are designed to do just that. One turbo compressor shaft spins in clockwise rotation, and that turbo's mirror image sibling spins its shaft in a counter clockwise rotation. NRE also claims the mirror turbo increases performance, reliability, and the ease of installation.

With the lack of symmetry often a bone of contention with fabricators who are routing turbocharger intake and exhaust tubing, twin turbo installations can now exhibit symmetry from one side of the engine to the other. The exhaust headers are mirrored as well, and the tubing length and bends are reflected so that the exhaust flow from each cylinder is the same on each side of the engine.

Equal exhaust discharge from one cylinder to the next enables equal cylinder intake flow, and NRE claims that this design results in nearly perfect equal air/fuel distribution to all cylinders.

These turbos are available in 72mm and 88mm sizes, with many other options available. NRE provides a no-hassle, 1-year warranty.

Nelson Racing Engines
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