Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
January 1, 2014

Modular Voodoo

If you want to add power and menacing sound to your modular engine, check out Lunati's Voodoo cams for 4.6 and 5.4 engines. Lunati offers over 30 different cam profiles for SOHC and DOHC mod motors, ranging from street performance to all-out-race Mustangs. The Voodoo cams are engineered to deliver maximum power, as well as complement the latest aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads, intake manifolds, headers, and ignition system upgrades. The Voodoo line covers cam profiles designed for power-adder combinations featuring a supercharger, turbocharger, or nitrous oxide.


Skid Marks

Mustang enthusiasts run through tires like normal people run through toilet paper. If it's your Mustang's turn for new treads, check out Yokohama's new Advan Sport V105 and Advan Neova AD08 R offerings. These are the latest additions to Yokohama's Advan line of ultra high-performance tires. Both the Sport V105 and the Neova AD08 R feature race-inspired engineering and design, as well as innovative new compounds designed to improve wet and dry traction. Both tires were designed using Yokohama's orange-oil technology to enhance traction and provide a comfortable, quiet ride.


Machine Block

If you were putting together your dream garage, this is one machine you'd want to put in it. It's Sunnen Products Company's SV-20 automotive honing machine. As you can see, it's a rather large machine, and it costs a little more than $200. Therefore, it's aimed at race shops, production rebuilders, and fleet repair facilities handling automotive blocks, cylinder liners, off-road machinery, and motorcycle/ATV engines. The SV-20 honing system combines Sunnen's latest linear servo-stroking technology with the power and capacity to drive multi-stone diamond tools for OEM-quality bore geometry on the automotive blocks, cylinder liners, and similar large parts.


Handy Towels

You can't always pick the spot to work on your Mustang, and there's not a hose at every corner, either. Thankfully, the Tub O'Towels is here to clean things up. The Tub O'Towels are designed to knock out tough grime and grease in the garage or at the track. Packed with cleaning muscle, and conveniently sized to fit in a toolbox or glove compartment, Tub O'Towels is available at larger retailers across the U.S. and Canada. The towels feature nine powerful cleaning ingredients, durable fiber-weave technology, and twice the cleaning surface of comparable wipes. They're designed to easily handle oil, grease, chemical stains, and other tough soils.


Demonic Air

If you have a blow-through carburetor setup on your power adder 'Stang, check out Demon Carburetion's new Mighty Demon offerings (from $655). For combinations operating with up to 18 pounds of boost, the Mighty Demon is available in 650-, 750-, and 850-cfm increments. To increase the vacuum signal to the carburetor under boost and to enrich the calibration, these carburetors are equipped with annular boost venturi, large screw-in power-valve channel restrictors in the metering blocks, and 0.130-inch needle-and-seat valves in the fuel bowls. These new calibrations are said to hold a flat fuel curve, and sustain constant brake-specific fuel consumption and air/fuel ratios, even at high rpm.


Room to Grow

When it comes to the latest Mustang, many aftermarket superchargers need a little extra room under the hood. With Revelare Design's new Rev 1 hood, not only will you get that extra room, but you'll get a cool look to boot. The Rev 1 hood retains the factory hood vents to help reduce underhood temperatures and enhance the styling of '13-'14 Mustangs and '10-'14 Shelby GT500s. Plus, the hood features two openings at the back of the cowl to allow hot air to escape the engine compartment. The Rev 1 hood features a 2-inch cowl that allows that extra room in the engine bay. The hood arrives to you ready to paint with a finished underside, making it easy to color-match it to your Mustang's existing color.


Strange Case

Strange Engineering's Pro HD aluminum case bridges the gap between the company's lightweight aluminum case and its race-proven Ultra case. This new case is designed for street/strip 'Stangs with a bias toward drag racing. The case is crafted from 206-T4 heat-treated aluminum with a billet-aluminum support, which uses ARP hardware and contains a unique oil channel to maximize oil flow to the pinion bearings for extended use. Robust billet caps and 9⁄16-inch thru-bolt design complements the case to significantly reduce gear deflection and extend the life of the gear. The Strange Pro HD case is available in 3.062-, 3.250-, and 3.812-inch bore sizes.


Stack the Dash

Stack's new Multi-Function Display features the company's sixth-generation DataPro software, which boasts GPS track-mapping overlay, a CAN ECU Gateway template editor, and Microsoft Excel Data Import Utility. The MFD has 14 channels of datalogging standard, predictive lap-time displays, brake-bias displays, and compatibility with the more popular aftermarket ECUs. The MFD's warning LEDs are configurable with messages, providing rapid and clear driver feedback should there be mechanical mishaps. Water- and shock-proof construction and military-spec harnessing is designed to survive the harshest motorsport environments.


Clean Sand

On our recent trip to 3M's headquarters we had a chance to sample the company's Clean Sand System ($24.99-$29.99), which is designed to enable you to sand on your Mustang without enduring the associated dust and debris getting in the way. The system attaches to most vacuums to filter and remove particle dust and debris. This system makes for a cleaner work environment, free of body filler dust, and it also keeps body filler from clogging your sandpaper, as well. Probably the best part is that the system will help keep sanding dust out of your lungs.


Over Armor

Intended to replace that pesky automotive bra, Armor All's Custom Shield coating is designed to provide your Mustang a more sleek and non- abrasive look. This new product is a temporary spray-on/peel-off coating that allows you to help protect your Mustang's paint and body from the elements of everyday driving. The product comes in black, white, or clear, and it can even be used on wheels to defend against brake-dust buildup. The product lasts up to three months and doesn't require tools to remove—simply peel it off.


Air Team

When two respected aftermarket manufacturers put their heads together, a great product is the result. This time around, Trick Flow and Stainless Works came together to design headers to maximize the airflow characteristics of Trick Flow's cylinder heads. Made from 304L stainless steel, the Trick Flow by Stainless Works headers feature CNC-mandrel-bent tubing for maximum flow, laser-cut 3⁄8-inch flanges, and TIG-welded construction. These are available for most late-model Mustang applications.


Flock On

If there are interior trim pieces needing help inside your Mustang, check out Flock It. Flock It is a do-it-yourself refinishing product that allows you to apply an attractive, durable, and soft-to-the-touch finish to the interior panels of your Mustang. It's easily applied to headliners, dashboards, door panels, and other automotive interior trim pieces at an economical cost. Flocking is the method of applying millions of tiny fibers on to an adhesive-coated surface to create a velvet-like texture. FLock It is easily sprayed-on, and is available in over 30 different colors; custom colors can be special-ordered.