January 18, 2014

Ford Coyote Stack Induction
Jim Inglese, a name synonymous with Weber Carburetion, now offers independent runner (IR) Weber and EFI induction units for the Ford Coyote engine. Inglese says that the eight-stack system will provide a dramatic increase in torque and horsepower throughout the entire rpm range—we say the look under the hood will be equally cool.

Every unit is custom-built and calibrated to suit your engine, and can be ordered in a wide variety of plating and other finishes. Price for a complete Weber system is $4,600, and the EFI units begin at the same price, less ECU.

Jim Inglese Weber Carburetion
(203) 623-0659

Pro Paint In A Can
The Eastwood Company’s 2K Aero-Spray is said to be the next generation of aerosol paints. Unlike traditional aerosol cans that contain air dry, 1K paints, Aero-Spray features 2K, two-component catalyzed paints. 2K paints are more durable than 1K paints, and are the products used today in auto refinishing.

The unique can design features an internal bladder that contains the catalyst, which is surrounded by the non-activated paint. To use, a button on the bottom of the can pierces the internal bladder and releases the catalyst into the paint. Once activated, the can has a 48-hour shelf life. It also comes with an adjustable, wide-fan-pattern nozzle that applies with a pattern similar to a paint gun and covers up to 5x more than conventional aerosol cans.

Eastwood 2K Aero-Spray is available in Epoxy Primer, High Gloss Clear, Ceramic Underhood Black, Ceramic Chassis Black Satin, and Ceramic Chassis Black Gloss.

Eastwood Company
(610) 705-5404

Crimping Quickly
PerTronix now offers this new wire terminal crimping tool for automotive use. This new set features an ambidextrous, ergonomic, non-slip, rubber grip for comfort and ease of use. The unique thing about this crimper set is the quick release interchangeable die set. Unlike most crimpers, no tools are required to change the die sets. The included five different sets of dies will handle the most common automotive terminals including insulated and non-insulated terminals, D-sub terminals, open-barrel terminals, and naturally spark plug wire terminals.

The rugged carbon steel tool body is finished in corrosion resistant black oxide and the hardened die sets are zinc-plated chrome-moly. Did we mention that there’s a ratcheting action that provides an adjustable, yet precise, uniform crimp every time?

PerTronix Performance Products
(909) 599-5955

Cool Pack Cooling
Cool Pack Radiator Cooling Systems from Perma-Cool install in minutes, and are said to offer better cooling, and thus increased horsepower and torque. The robust aluminum assembly houses dual high-output, electric fans controlled by a 160- to 210-degree F adjustable thermal sensor with a highly accurate digital temperature probe. The special black powdercoated finish resists acid, fuel, and oil. Cool Packs mount solidly to the radiator core support (not the radiator) and use stock mounting holes and fasteners, wherever possible. They come pre-assembled, pre-wired, and require no drilling, cutting, or modifications.

Perma-Cool Products
(909) 391-3000

Trick Flow Street Heat Carburetor
Offering a fuel mixer to complement its cylinder head and camshaft combos, Trick Flow equipped its 650-cfm Street Heat carburetor with a billet aluminum throttle body and metering blocks. Replaceable idle feed restrictors, power valve channel restrictions, and idle and high-speed air bleeds offer superior tenability, while a four-corner idle system, dual-sight-glass 4500-style fuel bowls, and additional links to tune the secondary opening rate have also been included.

Knowing that there are a multitude of engine combinations out there, Trick Flow also offers 750-cfm and 850-cfm Track Heat and 1,050-cfm Race carburetors. Trick Flow piles on the carb mods with these to optimize performance.

Trick Flow Specialties
(330) 630-1555

Mustang Art
Pure Vision Design’s Steve Strope turned us on to these high-end sculptures for Mustang enthusiasts. Made in cast resin, these Mustangs are the first American car sculptures from artist Stéphane Dufour. Each piece is handmade, polished, signed, and numbered—only 500 of these will be made and they are available in Hertz livery, Blue/White, White/Blue, or in solid colors. The sculptures are 1⁄18 scale and are delivered with a glossy white display base. The cost of exclusivity and hand craftsmanship comes in at $700. Dufour also offers prints and other merchandise via his website.

Stéphane Dufour