January 27, 2014

Full-length Console

TMI Products has just introduced new full-length consoles for '65-'68 Mustangs. Available for '65-'68 hardtop/fastback and '67-'68 convertible, the consoles feature an armrest, cup holders, and increased storage. Factory or custom (shown) materials are available. Info: 800/460-0640; www.tmiproducts.com.

Fox 5.0L Underdrives

Underdrive pulleys have long been used to extract a few more horsepower from the 5.0-liter engines in '87-'93 Mustangs. Latemodel Restoration now offers a new SVE underdrive pulley and belt kit for Fox-bodies with lighter, resized pulleys that will provide a noticeable increase in power. With an included Goodyear Gatorback belt, you won't have to search for the correct sized belt. Info: 866/507-3786; www.latemodelrestoration.com

Repro Brake Block

National Parts Depot has reproduced the disc brake distribution block and proportioning valve for '68-'69 Mustangs. Six years in the making, the block and proportioning valve feature all-new construction and concours detailing except for the original ID stampings. The distribution block and proportioning valve assembly is available as part number 2B257-16A for $148.05; the valve is available separately as part number 2B091-2A for $68.95. Info: 800/874-7595 (Florida), 800/521-6104 (Michigan), 800/ 368-6451 (North Carolina), 800/235-3445 (California); www.nationalpartsdepot.com.

Cold-Air 5.0L

Knowing that '11-'14 Mustang GT owners are never satisfied with stock, Airaid has released a new MXP-Series Carbon Fiber Intake System that offers both additional horsepower and stylish looks. The Airaid system starts with a real carbon-fiber, 4.25-inch diameter intake tube that allows for unrestricted airflow and incorporates a special billet plate that accepts the factory MAF sensor. The intake tube connects to Airaid's new one-piece, roto-molded cold-air box that is designed to keep hot engine compartment air away from the 1,300-cfm air filter, which is washable and reusable. Airaid says the system is dyno-proven to produce an additional 11 horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque. Info: 888/876-8984; www.airaid.com.

Hotchkis '65-'66 Suspension

Longtime late-model suspension company Hotchkis Sport Suspension has entered the vintage Mustang market with its new Total Vehicle System (TVS) for '65-'66 Mustangs. Designed to dramatically improve handling, driver control, safety, and overall fun factor, the TVS suspension is engineered to install easily with basic hand tools and does not require cutting or other permanent modifications. The package includes Sport coil and leaf springs (1⁄2-inch drop front, 1½-inches rear), 1¼-inch tubular front sway, adjustable 7⁄8-inch rear sway bar, upgraded bushings and end links, and premium mounting hardware. A Sport Suspension system for '67-'72 Mustangs is coming soon. Info: 877/466-7655; www.hotchkis.net.