January 9, 2014

The Big Boss

Ford Racing is now offering a Boss small-block in a big bore version. The Ford Racing Boss blocks are designed to be replacements for the legendary Boss 302 and Boss 351 engines.

Cast from diesel-grade iron with Siamese bores, thick cylinder walls, and decks, the Boss blocks feature a strength far superior to any Ford production block ever offered. To insure the most precise bore location, concentricity and integrity, the big bore blocks are machined an additional 0.125-inch during the initial block fixturing and boring stage. With an unfinished bore size of 4.120-inch, Ford Racing Boss 302 big bore blocks will support engine sizes up to 363 cubic inches. Ford Racing Boss 351 big bore blocks can take the cubic inch count out to 460.

Ford Racing BOSS Big Bore blocks are available in 8.2-, 9.2- and 9.5-inch deck heights and offer a wide range of displacement possibilities for just about any small-block application.

Ford Racing Performance Parts
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Simplify Your Connections

Jiffy-tite Motorsports makes a full line of Quick-Connect Fluid Fittings to fit virtually any fuel, water, engine oil on the market today. They are a fast, secure way of making your important connections, and can be used in both street performance and racing applications. Jiffy-tite Motorsports also offers a comprehensive Quick-Connect Carburetor Kit that not only saves time (making changeovers a breeze) but is virtually drip-proof.

Changing out carburetors can be a time-consuming and messy experience. The unique, patented Quick-Connect design works with most of the popular high-performance carburetor applications on the market. Each kit comes with two sockets, two plugs and two aluminum washers in either a -6 or -8 sizes. Sockets are available in straight, 45-degree or 90-degree elbows and come anodized in either black and gold or solid black.

Jiffy-Tite Motorsports
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New ClassicBraid Wire Wrap From Painless Performance

Touted as the "final touch" for wiring on any classic car or truck, Painless Performance's ClassicBraid cloth-look wrap looks like OEM harness wrappings, but is made of strong, fine mesh materials. Laterally split for easy installation, ClassicBraid resists abrasion, metal cuts and retains shape beyond 300 degrees F. Sizes include 3⁄16-, 5⁄16-, 3⁄8-, and ½-inch diameters.

Painless Performance
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Koni Comes To Mustang

Koni Shock Absorbers now reaches the American sports car by introducing Koni STR.T shocks for the iconic 1965-73 Ford Mustang. The Koni STR.T (pronounced "street") is Koni's line of performance shock absorbers at entry-level pricing.

Koni's relationship with Mustang dates back to when Carroll Shelby selected Koni for the 1965 Shelby Mustang G.T. 350. Now, Koni offers its STR.T shocks to improve the handling and ride quality for early Mustang enthusiasts at a value minded price point.

The non-adjustable STR.T product line is designed for excellent original equipment (OE) replacement, while adding increased Koni technology for added performance and handling upgrades. STR.T products complement stock or performance lowering springs and other suspension upgrades for improved look and road feel desired by many sport tuners and enthusiasts. The STR.T offers a limited lifetime warranty as with most KONI products.

Koni USA

Push It Good

You want two things from a pushrod: the strength to handle the stress of high-lift camshafts and big valvesprings, and the right length to optimize valvetrain geometry.

Trick Flow's one-piece chromoly pushrods are cold-formed from 0.080-inch wall, 4130 chrome-moly steel. Trick Flow closes the oil holes to within 0.040 inch, then drills and chamfers them to 0.093-inch. That eliminates stress fractures and cracks that can be caused by the cold-forming process.

Trick Flow pushrods are available in 5⁄16- and 3⁄8-inch diameters with over 80 different lengths to choose from. The pushrods are induction-hardened for use with guide plates.

Trick Flow Specialties
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The Odyssey Ends with EnerSys

Odyssey Performance Series batteries are designed specifically for consumer applications, which do not require as many cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) minutes as Odyssey Extreme Series batteries. However, they are designed with the same rugged construction and offer equivalent deep cycling capabilities, long service life and high reliability. Also, they deliver more deep cycling capabilities for parasitic loads than conventional batteries.

The Odyssey Performance Series 34-790 and 78-790 batteries feature 792 CCA and 114 RC minutes and the 65-760 battery features 762 CCA and 129 RC minutes. All three batteries feature deep cycle capability up to 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge, a 3-10-year service life and two-year storage life at 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). The batteries are vibration resistant, classified as "non-spillable" by the U.S. Department of Transportation and include a four-year full replacement warranty.

Odyssey Battery