Michael Johnson
Associate Editor, 5.0 Mustangs & Super Fords
December 16, 2013

Fox Injection

If your Fox Mustang's injector harness has seen better days, check out Ron Francis Wiring's [(610) 485-1981; www.ronfrancis.com] '87-'93 5.0-liter Mustang fuel-injector harness. Following on the heels of the company's transmission harness, this new harness is tailored to those doing a factory restoration. It matches the factory dimensions for an easy, trouble-free installation, and features the correct connectors and terminals, crosslink automotive-grade wiring, and protective high-temperature wire covering. This harness completes the connection from the injectors and sensors on top of the engine with the main harness at the back of the engine.

Matrix strength

If your Mustang needs a little strength and support, check out Kenny Brown Performance's [(855) 847-4477; www.kennybrown.com] Extreme Matrix kits for '79-'14 Mustangs. This kit represents Kenny Brown's ultimate in under-car chassis support, designed to maximize strength at the center section of the car with no loss of ground clearance and minimal addition in weight. The Extreme Matrix kit is made up of Kenny Brown's subframe connectors, jacking rails, and the company's Extreme Matrix brace support bridge connecting the subframe connectors to the jacking rails. This kit is designed to put an end to power-robbing chassis flex and twist.

Defending carbs

The use of carburetors on our Mustangs has probably diminished over the years as more have become accustomed to EFI. However, there's still a large carburetor contingent out there in the 5.0 Nation. To defend your carburetor from corrosion, check out Driven Racing Oil's [(866) 611-1820; www.drivenracingoil.com] Carb Defender. This product is designed to protect against ethanol corrosion and induction deposits caused by ethanol-blended pump gas and the moisture it attracts. High levels of ethanol dilution in motor oil can lead to rust and other corrosion problems in the fuel system and engine. Carb Defender is designed to control combustion chamber residue, plus clean and protect the surfaces of the fuel system and intake tract. The additive treats up to 25 gallons of ethanol-blended gas, and is designed to be used with each and every fill-up.

Back to Carbs

No, Airaid's [(800) 498-6951; www.airaid.com] 16-inch, round filter won't fit into the stock airbox of your Fox. It's designed for carburetor or carb-style throttle body applications. Airaid says this new design is capable of keeping up with the high-flow demands of racing engines, while filtering out dirt and debris. Available in a variety of heights, screens, and media, these new filters were developed in partnership with Airaid-sponsored, off-road racers, so they can handle your street 'Stang. They're available in red or blue, and offered in 3-, 4-, and 5-inch heights, with or without an external honeycomb-style wire screen.

Paddle faster

If you want to add a paddle shift-system to your Mustang, check out Altronics' [(888) 464-2587; www.altronicsinc.com] new Shift system, which uses paddle shifters to manually shift automatic transmissions. Mechanical shift functions are performed by a high-speed, motor-controlled actuator, which replaces the factory shift linkage. The actuator uses one cable connection that is easily routed. This system features multiple integrated safety lockouts to keep you from accidentally shifting into Reverse or Park at speed, which definitely would be a bad thing.

Black Steel

Black wheels are taking over the Mustang market. Every other Mustang you see has black wheels on it. Rocket Racing Wheels [(888) 307-7525; www.rocketracingwheels.com] would like to help you get the look with a set of its Rocket Black Spline Drive and Standard lugs. These lugs are made from carbon steel to meet or exceed industry standards. They are offered as a set of 20, and the Black Spline Drive lugs provide better clearance for recessed lug-type wheels, as well as security from theft. These lugs are perfect to go along with that fresh set of black wheels to complete a sinister look on your Mustang.