Michael Johnson Associate Editor
December 16, 2013

Strange Brakes

If your drag 'Stang needs all the clamping force it can get, check out Strange Engineering's [(847) 663-1701; www.strangeeng.net] Pro Race Rear Dual Brake kit, available for all popular housing-end styles. Strange's dual rear-brake kit is designed to provide the extra clamping force needed to hold your car on the starting line, for additional braking or as a backup brake system. This dual rear-brake system is available with either soft or metallic pads, and a possible two-piece rotor upgrade option.

Here Spot

One water spot can ruin your day. Thankfully, Meguiar's [(800) 347-5700; www.meguiars.com] all-new Water Spot Remover is here to make things better. Ever park your Mustang too close to a sprinkler? This product is designed for spots Meguiar's describes as areas of dried mineral deposits and sub-serving etching left on a car's surface after being allowed to air dry. This product aims to provide the defect correction of a compound, with the gloss enhancement of a polish. It's easy to use on paint, hard plastics, chrome, metals, and glass, and can be used by hand or machine application.

Timing is everything

Whether it's a joke at the water cooler at work or the engine in your Mustang, timing is the key to success. Summit Racing [(800) 230-3030; www.summitracing.com] has this new True Roller timing chain set featuring a rugged double-row chain with steel crank and cam sprockets. The crank sprocket has three keyways—4 degrees advanced, 4 degrees retarded, and normal—to help dial in perfect cam timing for your next Mustang's engine.

Precise adjustment

Getting the lash right on your Mustang can be an arduous task. Engyne Metrics' [(310) 702-5940; www.valvetrax.com] new ValveTrax is a tool designed to help you make precise valve-lash adjustments with consistent results, regardless of engine type or size. ValveTrax is a magnetic vinyl strip that affixes around the harmonic balancer or pulley. Manually rotating the crankshaft, alignment is easy with the engine pointer matched to the proper adjustment symbol on the ValveTrax strip. The unit is custom-made for each specific application, and can accommodate a wide variety of engines, regardless of firing order, balancer/pulley size, or crankshaft offset.

Seasonal sport

Most of us want a tire we can throw on our Mustang and go—no matter the driving conditions. Goodyear's [www.goodyear.com] new Eagle Sport All-Season tire aims to fit that bill perfectly. The Eagle Sport is designed to deliver outstanding wet and dry performance with enhanced grip in ice and snow thanks to an innovative tread compound. Furthermore, as the tread wears, confident grip is maintained due in part to numerous full-depth tread sipes built into the tire. The Eagle Sport also features enhanced wheel protection against accidental curb damage as well, which we all need from time to time. It's also said to maintain a large tread surface area, which aids traction.

Waterless Miracle

Just a couple years ago, if someone had told us we could wash our Mustang without using water, we would've laughed at them. But now ... add Amsoil [(800) 777-8491; www.amsoil.com] to the list of manufacturers that utilize this technology with its new Miracle Wash Waterless Wash & Wax. It's designed to lift dust and dirt from the surface of your Mustang and hold it in suspension. Then it acts as a shield, protecting the surface from abrasion while you wipe the surface clean. Once applied, it's designed to protect against the sun's ultraviolet rays, repel light dirt and dust, and leave your Mustang with a shiny, tough protective finish.